1budwiser asked: Zane, isn't it a little hypocritical to get after Nick and Kelly about sex in a club after what you and Ty did in the storeroom of the bar in Texas? At least their sister probably didn't catch them walking out.

Nick: Wait wait, in a storeroom?! 

Digger: You dirty.

Kelly: And Zane can’t even say he was drunk.

Zane: Go ahead, I am not ashamed to be caught fucking my incredibly hot boyfriend against a storeroom door.

Kelly: At least Nick and I were sloshed when we went at it, though! And sweaty and all … hard muscles in damp shirts and smelling good … gah!

Ty: I’m so disturbed.



Anonymous asked: Zane can you tell us about your first time you bottomed with a man? Was it a drunken not thought out decision or had you thought about it before going for it?

Zane: It just sort of happened, I guess. I don’t really remember a lot of details from those days, I’m ashamed to say.


Anonymous asked: Zane: You have to tell us now. What /exactly/ was going down in that alley on your 40th

Zane: I don’t remember his name …

Kelly: Zing!


Anonymous asked: Wait, so Nick kissed Zane ? Oh we need to know more about this.

Ty: He what?

Nick: I what?!

Zane: No.

Owen: You whore!

Kelly: Stay in school, kids.


fms-checks asked: Hey guys ! First let me just say I've had a completely shitty day and you guys are tots making it better so thanks ! :D Zane does Ty still have the Stetson hat you gave him ? And does wear it for a ride often ? ;)

Zane: Of course he still has it. He hangs it on a hook in the closet. He doesn’t use it to ride, though. Usually it’s, um … too far away by the time he decides he might need it.

Digger: Hi ho, Silver.


Anonymous asked: Ty and Zane, where is your wedding going to be and what will it be like. Who are you thinking of inviting? Zane do you think your Mom will come? Love you guys. P.S Kelly what are you and Nick going to do?

Zane: Jesus, if we knew all that we’d just go ahead and do it already.

Ty: Did it just get really warm in here, or …

Zane: No, it’s pretty comfortable.

Ty: I think it’s kind of warm in here.

Zane: Hold on. Are you getting nervous, doll?

Ty: My stomach feels like it just dropped ten stories. You don’t think it’s warm in here? 

Nick: Oh my God … he’s got wedding jitters.

Zane: He really does. This is so cute.



Anonymous asked: Ty, are you aware that it is considered unlucky to alter, lose, or break your engagement ring? You’ve done all three so I think that means you’ve cursed your and Zane’s marriage threefold. Good luck!

Ty: Everything having to do with marriage and weddings is considered unlucky. You literally can’t do anything without hitting some sort of tradition or something that’s supposed to be bad luck.

Zane: That’s kind of true.

Nick: Something borrowed, something blue. Sign a prenup or you’re screwed.

Kelly: God, you’re romantic. 

Digger: Something wrong with you, man. Both of you. All of you.


Anonymous asked: Ty & Zane, does Deuce ever let you babysit Amelia? What's the worst trouble she's gotten into while under your care?

Ty: Well, they live in Philly and we live in Baltimore, so ‘babysitting’ isn’t exactly something we can do on short notice. When they come visit us, though, we’ll keep Meles and let Deuce and Livi go out and have a date night. One day they wanted to go shopping, so I had her at the house by myself and we were crawling around on the floor and playing. Apparently, there was a dead bee stuck in the rug. I don’t know where it came from, but her little leg squished it and it stung her.

I grabbed her up when I realized why she was screaming, and I ran up the steps to the bathroom to get some ointment to try to take some of the sting out of it. I yanked the medicine cabinet so hard that it fell off the wall. (Turns out the plaster behind it was weak, and apparently it wasn’t exactly stable to begin with, but whatever.) The medicine cabinet and everything in it came crashing down on us, and I shielded her with my shoulder. She was still screaming, and it made this awful racket when everything tumbled to the floor.

I set her in the bathtub and started rummaging through the stuff to find the ointment, and about that time Zane came running in because he’d gotten home from work just in time to hear the thing fall. The baby was in the tub screaming, I was on the floor with a bleeding forehead, tossing toiletries around and mumbling about dead bees…

Long story short, I’m not allowed to watch Amelia without backup anymore until she’s old enough to fend for herself.

Zane: I wish he was exaggerating.


irishfem73 asked: Hello Zane & Ty. I live in Beaumont TX, so I was wondering did you enjoy your time in Beaumont ?

Zane: I always enjoy my time in Beaumont.

Ty: You realize we never actually went to the town of Beaumont, right?

Owen: Are you two talking about sex?




Anonymous asked: Kelly, Hmm seems nick is hiding a lot of things from you

Kelly: You think so? I don’t get the feeling he’s hiding anything that’s my business.

Zane: What do you mean your business? You’re a couple, isn’t everything your business now?

Kelly: Whatever he has going on with Ty? Whatever he’s trying to work through there, that’s not my business until he talks to me about it.

Ty: Going on with me?

Kelly: Ty. Whatever it is, Nick’s heartbroken. And from the way Zane talks, so are you.

Ty: I’m not …

Zane: Yes. Yeah, he is.

Owen: I don’t understand.

Digger: This is like being discharged all over again.