Anonymous asked: hey nick, go yankees.

Nick: Hey anon, go fu -

Kelly: AND! I think we’ve reached the end.

Zane: Time to go back to work.

Ty: This was fun. Wait, I lied.


happyminion68 asked: Ty & Zane- Have you or would you two ever make your own sex tape?

Zane: Yeah!

Ty: What?

Zane: Look it … 



Anonymous asked: Ty honey, pre-wedding jitters are perfectly normal. Don't worry. Just go kiss Zane and think about having Barnum at the reception and you'll be fine. *hugs you*

Ty: Barnum at the reception … oh my God, CAN HE BE THE RINGBEARER?!

Zane: Ty, no.


Zane: I refuse to have this conversation. Again.


Anonymous asked: Hi Nick, if - I said if because we know that no one wants Ty gets killed - Ty is a surgery room and there a very low chance that he will survive, would you regreat be so... intransigente about not forgive him?

Nick: I’m sorry, I get the general meaning of the question, but what does intransigente mean?

Zane: Umm, sort of like stubborn and uncompromising.

Nick: Okay. Well, obviously I’d be upset if Ty were dying. Obviously. Anyone who wants to try to say I wouldn’t be can meet me out back and we’ll discuss it. I know people think I’m mad at him, that I’m being stubborn. But my issues are mine, and that’s all I’m going to say on the matter.


ellenjay asked: Ty & Zane & Nick & Kelly; you guys must have doubled dated!? sans killing and shooting and fighting for your lives :P

Zane: We haven’t double dated in a traditional sense, no. But then … I’m not sure if you can say Ty and I dated at all in a traditional sense. Or Nick and Kelly, for that matter.

Nick: We went out for dinner the last time we were all together. That was the week of Richard Burns’s funeral. There wasn’t exactly a celebratory mood in the air.


Anonymous asked: Zane - you asked Ty in NOLA what the good things were about his time undercover there, because no one ever asks to remember the good things. Were there any good things for you in Miami that you remember?

Zane: Not many, no. There were a few people that I enjoyed, and no I don’t mean sexually this time. There were a few places that felt like they could have been home in another life. But other than that, I don’t have any love for Miami.


Anonymous asked: Zane+TS: If you guys could fast forward in time to certain point in life what, or rather when, would you choose?

Zane: Fast forward, meaning we’d still see and experience everything we’re forwarding through and we’re just going faster? Or would we fast forward to a point and miss the stuff we skipped? Because looking down the barrel of a future with Ty, I don’t want to skip anything.

Ty: Wow, Zane. That was actually both really romantic and borderline insulting all in one sentence.


Anonymous asked: Sidewinder and Zane, how many times have you been in love? And not the with your dick love. The this is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with can't live without love?

Zane: Twice.

Ty: Just the once.

Owen: That’s kind of an odd question, right? Because in hindsight I can say never. But the number of times I thought I was in love are numerous.

Digger: Yeah, hindsight I can say just once, and I fucked it up big.

Owen: And if I look at Riley right now, I can say once, but what if I’m just smitten and in a year it’s a ‘never’ answer again?

Nick: And cue Johns panicking about his girlfriend in three … two …


Digger: Wow.

Kelly: I’m with Owen on this one, there’re two answers. I want to say just once, and point to Nick and say that’s it. This is it. But if I look at my life and consider what I thought at the time, I’d have to say I’ve been in love dozens of times.

Nick: I can say just once and mean it with everything I am.

Owen: Oh my God, I am panicking. Irish! Help me!

Nick: A California wedding should be fun.

Owen: Oh God …


Anonymous asked: Zane & Kelly~ please, for the love of holy fuck, when are you two going to lock Ty and Nick in a room together and make unfuck their shit? I mean, hell, Nick, Ty's getting married, for fuck's sake. Do you really think he wants to to that without you right next to him?... Not that I have any particularly strong feelings on the subject. Just asking.

Kelly: I’m really not sure forcing them together to work things out is going to work.

Digger: We just need to get them talking again. Once they start, they realize they’re being idiots and it smooths over.

Zane: How’d it work out the last time they stopped talking? What made them start again?

Kelly: Ty got in a jam and needed help. Nick was the closest.

Owen: Ty’s life is a perpetual jam, though, that won’t work this time.

Ty: You realize we’re sitting right here.

Nick: How about minding your own goddamn business and giving me time to work through some shit that has nothing to do with Ty and everything to do with me instead of sticking your nose in?

Ty: Are you talking to me?

Nick: No.

Digger: Ain’t that the problem to start with?

Ty: That’s not funny, man.

Nick: I’d have to have a gun to my head to miss Ty’s wedding, understand?


Anonymous asked: Zane, you're pretty good with books and their genres; if you were to give Ty and Sidewinder their own specific genre or genres in a book, who would be what genre(s)?

Zane: Ty would be a disaster book.

Ty: Hey!

Zane: Nick would be a historical adventure. Kelly a western. Digger would be a vintage 1920’s gangster story. And Owen would be a sci fi thriller.

Nick: Dude, you did that fast.

Ty: Disaster this, bitch!