Anonymous asked: hey nick, go yankees.

Nick: Hey anon, go fu -

Kelly: AND! I think we’ve reached the end.

Zane: Time to go back to work.

Ty: This was fun. Wait, I lied.


happyminion68 asked: Ty & Zane- Have you or would you two ever make your own sex tape?

Zane: Yeah!

Ty: What?

Zane: Look it … 



Anonymous asked: Ty: well yeah, I'd watch the sex tape but I haven't been clutching my pearls and howling as if scandalised over the entire notion to this point.



Anonymous asked: Ty honey, pre-wedding jitters are perfectly normal. Don't worry. Just go kiss Zane and think about having Barnum at the reception and you'll be fine. *hugs you*

Ty: Barnum at the reception … oh my God, CAN HE BE THE RINGBEARER?!

Zane: Ty, no.


Zane: I refuse to have this conversation. Again.


Anonymous asked: Ty, do you think the fact that you’ve lost the first ring and had to get the second ring cut-off is your subconscious trying to tell you something? Like maybe you have commitment issues or maybe you don’t want to marry Zane?

Ty: Yeah, totally. My inability to keep a piece of metal securely on my finger day in and day out while working with tools and machinery is totally my mind telling me I don’t want to marry the love of my life. Makes perfect sense.


Anonymous asked: Sidewinder+Zane+Liam+Julian. Choose one among yourselves to kill, fuck or marry. You can't repeat the names.

Liam: Wait, this isn’t fair! They’ll all kill me!

Nick: I like this game.

Ty: Me too.


Anonymous asked: Ty: why would you watch the sex tape?

Ty: You saying you wouldn’t?


Anonymous asked: Ty; why the sudden pre-wedding jitters?

Ty: I don’t know! Is that normal? Is this normal? I don’t get nervous about things, man, I never have. Big games in high school, gunfights in the Marines, being dropped out of airplanes, realizing we were in that whore house in Hong Kong when we were supposed to be at a diplomat’s house, singing the fucking National Anthem at Camden Yards when they were honoring the USMC … I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT BEING NERVOUS FEELS LIKE!

Nick: Are you a little light-headed?

Ty: Yeah!

Nick: And every time you think about getting married you feel the need to stand up and pace to get rid of the feeling in your stomach, and possibly throw up?

Ty: Yes, but that could just be me getting sick, right?

Nick: No, Ty.

Ty: Is that what being nervous feels like?!

Nick: Yeah, Ty. You’ll be fine.

Ty: Well, I don’t like it!

Kelly: Only way to fix it is go get a hug from your fiance, dude.


Anonymous asked: Zane+TS: If you guys could fast forward in time to certain point in life what, or rather when, would you choose?

Zane: Fast forward, meaning we’d still see and experience everything we’re forwarding through and we’re just going faster? Or would we fast forward to a point and miss the stuff we skipped? Because looking down the barrel of a future with Ty, I don’t want to skip anything.

Ty: Wow, Zane. That was actually both really romantic and borderline insulting all in one sentence.


Anonymous asked: hey Digger Emma should be at the wedding.

Digger: Hell yes.