The characters, after last night’s Q&A session.


Anonymous asked: Okay let's try this again. Ty, what would you do if someone tried to steal your Zane from you?

Ty: Same answer. With more guns.

Zane: We’re going to bed now so I can take advantage of his current state.


Anonymous asked: Nick! I also believe people are colors! And I'm not even high! (Okay, it is 4 am where I am and I should be sleeping, but *meh*). What color is Zane? And you?

Nick: Zane changed on me. He went from being sort of a murky green to a brighter one. I’ve never known someone to change colors on me. I don’t know what color I am.

Ty: He’s serious, you know. He can do that, he can see people in colors. He’s always been able to.

Zane: You two are so high right now, we need to end this soon.

Ty: No, it’s true, Zane. They’re called auras. Nick can see them.

Nick: I can’t see them. I feel them. People feel like colors.

Zane: Right. Yeah, you’re both totally fine.


Anonymous asked: So... Ty and Nick... Anything interesting you can tell us about last time you were in Spain?

Nick: Nope.

Ty: Nada.

Nick: Look at you, going all bilingual.

Ty: Like we’re in Spain.

Nick: Ha!

Ty: Haha!



Anonymous asked: Ty, what would you do if someone tried to seat your Zane from you?

Ty: I’d re-seat his ass right beside me.

Nick: I just snorted Gatorade up my nose.

Ty: Spelling errors, man.

Nick: OH Jesus it burns.



andthencamecutandrun asked: Nick, who is your best friend?

Nick: I don’t like this question.

Ty: Why not? I’m your best friend. You’ve always said that.

Nick: I know, Ty.

Ty: Since we were seventeen … 

Nick: I know, Ty.

Ty: Are … are you saying you think maybe it’s not true anymore?

Nick: I don’t like this question.


Anonymous asked: Liam, create a diversion to take Zane and Kelly out of the room, please. Now. Nick and Ty, have you ever fucked each other?

Liam: Diversion, my arse, I want to hear the answer to this one.

Ty: We … I honest to god don’t remember ever having sex with Nick! I swear!

Nick: He would have remembered.

Kelly: Word.


andthencamecutandrun asked: Liam: are you deep, deep inside a good man? And in the end everything you did was for a good reason?

Liam: Well, recently a good man was deep, deep inside me. does that count?

Ty: Are you talking about Nick?

Nick: What?

Kelly: What?

Liam: What?


witchescanberightgiantscanbegood asked: Ty, tell Zane kitties can smell zombies -- well, if they can smell raw fish under three sealed thermo bags, I'm pretty sure they can smell zombies miles away -- and that they are great fighters when it comes to defending their territory. I bet this would convince him to let you have as many cats as you want in your bookstore.

Nick: Oh my god TY, what would you do with your kitties if zombies happen?!

Ty: Oh no … they’d have to be protected. they’d have to learn how to defend themselves! I’d have to teach them about warfare and survival.

Nick: I’ll help you.

Zane: God please, if you’re listening … help me.


Anonymous asked: TS+ Zane(although, Zane is pretty much TS) I just wanted you guys to know that I'm very jealous of what you have and that when I think of heroes I think of you. Fuck DC and Marvel, you guys are the real thing. Sometimes you're pissed at each other, like Nick and Ty, but I know Nick that if some asshole came after Ty you'd beat him to a pulp cause you're a family. A family of heroes and I just wanted to thank you for all that you give us. Wish I had something like that xxxx -Minion

Nick: That’s …

Zane: Is he crying?

Kelly: He’s high, just … just let him be.


Digger: Yep. This is us.

Owen: We’re so fucked.