Anonymous asked: Smith & Wesson: Now that Ty is elsewhere, wouldn't it be fun to stay with Zane and have him all to yourselves?

We have a Julian.

Why would we want a Zane?


Anonymous asked: Smith and Wesson, do you run a training/boot camp for fellow felines? I think I serve one of your proteges.

His codename is Fluffy.


Anonymous asked: Smith & Wesson: Teeth or Claws? Which makes them scream more?



Anonymous asked: Smith & Wesson: Do you miss torturing Zane?


We miss his screams.


blackcatwolves asked: Smith & Wesson - any chance of getting a photo? I belong to an orange tabby who likes to trap strangers in the bathroom, so I am wondering if there is a resemblance

Photos steal your soul …

… just like us.


Anonymous asked: For Smith and Wesson: You had one job to do and that was to keep Alston from going upstairs. Did you fail in your mission on purpose because you are both pure evil or because you weren't there because Julian had already come to get you?

We didn’t fail.

He stayed downstairs.


Anonymous asked: Smith & Wesson - how's life with the newlyweds going?



Anonymous asked: Anyone in the room tonight care to share a guilty pleasure? I'll go first! It's the neon orange mac-n-cheese from KFC.

Getting ear rubs.


Anonymous asked: Smith and Wesson: Did Julian or Cam try to dress you in little kitty tuxes for the wedding?

Fuck no.


Anonymous asked: Smith and Wesson - We all know that cats rule the world, but which one of you most rules your house?

We are a team.