Anonymous asked: Zane, does the Baltimore team ever bug you about Ty? Or ask about him at all?

Zane: Yeah, they ask about him. Alston’s trying to get me to reinstate him so he can play softball in the fall …

Alston: We have a championship to win!

Ty: I also solved crimes every once in a while!


Anonymous asked: FBI team: Have you guys been spending much time with Ty and Zane? What do you think of their bookstore plan?

Alston: It’s a little sad, to be honest.

Perrimore: You don’t take a goddamn weapon of mass destruction like Ty Grady and put him in a bookstore!

Clancy: No, but Ty and Zane together are incredibly sweet. Which is something I never thought I’d say considering how pissed I was at Ty for quitting.


Anonymous asked: To the FBI Team: How do you all feel about Ty's retirement?

Perrimore: I think it’s bullshit. He didn’t even try to find away around it, just fucking bailed on us. You telling me Grady can’t find a loophole for that shit? He just bailed.

Lassiter: He did what he had to do. It is what it is.

Alston: Ty’s my friend. He’ll always be my friend, whether he carried a badge or not. I’m glad he’s in love, and I’m glad he’s home from war. and I still watch the games with him every weekend because I’m not a fucking asshole like some people.

Clancy: He didn’t retire. He quit. He quit on us.


Anonymous asked: Team FBI, what's the craziest thing that you've seen Ty do?

Alston: There aren’t enough hours in the day to answer this question.


Anonymous asked: Team FBI, you all clearly miss Ty when he's away, but no one wants to be his partner...why please?

Alston: Because he’s a crazy fucker. Like the circus. We like to go to the circus and watch it. But no one wants to swing off the high wire.


Anonymous asked: Ty and Scott: In D&C a favor being owed is mentioned. Something to do with oregano. What happened?

Alston: We do not speak of such things.


Anonymous asked: Alston: Have your snoop and don't tell, who did you think was more likely to be gay? Ty or Zane?

I sort of assumed it was Zane, since I knew Ty longer.


Anonymous asked: Team FBI - Assuming there is a mole among the team, who would you suspect?

Alston: Why the hell would we assume we have a mole?

Lassiter: You realize moles are more of a spy thing, not really an FBI thing?

Clancy: Do we need some sort of legal advice to be answering these questions.

Perrimore: I don’t like where this is going.


Anonymous asked: Alston: What did you see in Ty's house that made you think one of them was gay?

Like I said before, I don’t snoop and tell.


engese31 asked: Team FBI how is Zane doing? Is he holding up okay?

Alston: He’s doing just fine.

Clancy: He’s sad.