andrewmannheim asked: Ryan, are you a top or bottom?

That’s a really personal question and I don’t know you.


Anonymous asked: Ryan, where would you take Zane if he agreed to go out with you?

I’d take him anywhere he wanted to go.


Anonymous asked: Ryan, if, say, Zane wasn't in a relationship right now, would you make the move on him or you would just ignore it?

There is no ignoring Zane. If he was single, I would definitely make a move on him.


Anonymous asked: Ryan has Zane come in for dinner since Ty has been deployed? How did he seem to be doing?

He has come in a time or two. He seems just fine.


Anonymous asked: Ryan - When Zane opened the door and was standing there with no shirt on, what were your thoughts?

My immediate thought was, “I’d climb that like a tree.”


Anonymous asked: Ryan, if ty and zane break up someday in the future??will you make a move on zane??

I wouldn’t rule it out.


Anonymous asked: Ryan: How old are you?



Anonymous asked: Hey Ryan, how could you tell that Ty and Zane were in a relationship and not just a partnership at work? Was it just their body language?(:

One look at those two and it’s pretty obvious.


Anonymous asked: @ Ryan, what is it about Zane that attracts you to him?

He’s attractive, he’s nice, and he seems to need something that I’d like to offer him. Friendship. Companionship. Love, I don’t know.


Anonymous asked: Ty, Zane, Ryan, Liam, Ryan, Del and Corbin - 'guyliner' - yes or no?

Ty: Yes.

Zane: No.

Liam: No.

Ryan: No.

Del: Yes.

Corbin: Yes.