Anonymous asked: Preston Preston Preston !!! Please give us details of that time in Paris with Ty!! Pleaseeeee !!!!

Preston: Oh, you know, it was a lot of back and forth. Up and down. In and out.


Anonymous asked: Preston how come you and Julian never fucked around together?

Preston: Because no one held a gun to our heads and told us to.


Anonymous asked: to Preston and Julian: Back to your plan on how to take out sidewinder, if you said that between Owen and Nick there would be brains and unlimited resources, why not take them out first after taking out the heart of the team?

Preston: Because then you would have given Grady the time and opportunity to wind up like a Tasmanian devil.

Julian: I pity the poor fool who kills Nick O’Flaherty before he takes Grady out.


Anonymous asked: Preston: Okay, what if you were to take out Sidewinder plus Garrett then?

Wait until they gather on that fucking boat in Boston and blow it the fuck up with a missile.


Anonymous asked: Julian and Preston, do you agree with Liam Bell's assessment of the TS takedown? Is he, in fact, a more capable assassin than your team of two? Liam, feel free to chime in if you are so inclined.

Julian: I think he’s overconfident and that gets you killed.

Liam: You know what else gets you killed? Bad Chinese food.

Preston: You’re an ass.


Anonymous asked: Preston wouldn't you have to factor in Garrett cause he would make it his business? Or without his miltary and badass marine training would he not be a threat to you?

Preston: I was told to take out Sidewinder. Not Sidewinder plus Garrett.

Julian: Really, you’d just to have to take Grady and Garrett at the same time.


Anonymous asked: Julian & Preston would you consider Zane a threat during all of this taking out TS planning? Where does he fit into the aftershocks of killing Kels?

Julian: I think he would factor quite hugely after Ty goes down.

Preston: I was told to take out Sidewinder, not Sidewinder plus Garrett.


Anonymous asked: Preston and Julian your plan was actually pretty damn brillant! But you have a flaw in your plan. If you take out Abbott then you might want to know that Nick and him are fucking so Nick might be a little more pissed off than Ty right?

Julian: No no, we know that. But Grady is what we call a berserker. He will go into a nearly trance-like rage and won’t stop until he’s dead. If you catch him before he goes off, he won’t cause nearly as much damage. If you wait, you’re dead in a blaze of hellfire.

Preston: O’Flaherty, on the other hand, is a schemer. He’s got a sniper mentality, so you won’t see him coming. His revenge will take longer so he’s not an immediate threat. The problem is, of course, you won’t get him before he gets you.


Anonymous asked: Preston do you think you are good enough to take out a member of TS and then not get caught by their vengence? Julian what are your thoughts on this? Think he can do it?

Julian: Possibly. You would have to take out the right person first, leave them in disarray. That would be the heart of their team, the one who would cause the most grief amongst all members.

Preston: That would be Abbott.

Julian: I agree.

Preston: And then you would have to take out the member most fueled by revenge and least likely to plan.

Julian: Tyler.

Preston: Obviously.

Julian: After that it would get tricky. They would know someone was after them. The next target would be the most careless.

Preston: The crazy Cajun.

Julian: And frankly, you wouldn’t get to the last two before they got you.

Preston: Between Johns and O’Flaherty you have nearly unlimited resources, you have brains, and you have the fact that they’re both stone-cold killers who value their friends more than their own lives. Frankly, I wouldn’t take on the job.

Julian: It would definitely require more than one person.


Anonymous asked: Preston if I paid you to take out one of TS would you do it? Or are they too scary for you? I'm going to say Doc is wounded so he will be the easiest right now.

One I would do. Possibly even two. No more than that, and you’d have to pay me quite a lot of money to go after a member of a group known for taking revenge.