The characters, after last night’s Q&A session.


Anonymous asked: TS+ Zane(although, Zane is pretty much TS) I just wanted you guys to know that I'm very jealous of what you have and that when I think of heroes I think of you. Fuck DC and Marvel, you guys are the real thing. Sometimes you're pissed at each other, like Nick and Ty, but I know Nick that if some asshole came after Ty you'd beat him to a pulp cause you're a family. A family of heroes and I just wanted to thank you for all that you give us. Wish I had something like that xxxx -Minion

Nick: That’s …

Zane: Is he crying?

Kelly: He’s high, just … just let him be.


Digger: Yep. This is us.

Owen: We’re so fucked.


Anonymous asked: Owen, you seem a little more... straight-laced than some other members of TS. Does anyone have any stories about you being wild and crazy?

Owen: I’ve had my moments, just like the rest of them.

Nick: He likes to roll in glitter.

Owen: I’m … you know what, I can’t even defend that because it was fun as hell when it was happening.


engese31 asked: Does the fact that Nick is fucking Kelly make Kelly more attractive to you Zane?

Zane: What?

Ty: What?

Kelly: What?

Nick: I’m not fucking him right now …

Digger: What?!

Owen: I’m going to bed.


Anonymous asked: Owen have you freaked out since learning that Kelly sucks Nick’s dick?

Owen: Well Jesus! I try not picture it! Or think about it! I mean I’m trying to be supportive over here, but everyone has their own speed, you know? 

Nick: Hey! You know what, you were a dick when Ty came out to us.

Kelly: Oh Nicko, where are you going with this? Please…..please come down from that Gatorade soon.

Nick: No! It’s just, Ozone’s being judged for his gut reaction. And Yeah, it was shitty reaction. But you know what you’ve seen since? You’ve seen him put his back to Ty’s in a firefight. You’ve seen him comfort Kelly when he surprise! came out during my surgery. You’ve seen him tell me, when I was sick and needed to hear it, that it as okay. He’s trying, and he’s trying hard to come to terms with the fact that not one, but two of his teammates were bi all those years and hiding it from him. He’s also trying hard to understand that Kelly is exploring new territory. And he’s trying So GOdddamn HARD.  But all he keeps gettting is shit from people because of that first gut reaction. I think it’s shitty. I think it’s shitty he’s not getting a little credit for trying. Because you know what? Some people don’t try.

Owen: Irish … 

Nick: My own family didn’t try as hard as Ozone’s trying. He’s still here. He’s still standing here beside us taking shit and owning up to that gut reaction and he’s TRYING. HE’S TRYING TO UNDERSTAND IT.

Owen: Irish, man, you’d fight a wall if it offended someone you loved, you know that? Jesus fucking Christ, how can you get all high and start ranting and make me cry? I love you, brother. Now go sleep that shit off, fuck.


Anonymous asked: Nick! What's on your kink list? How many of them have you done with Kelly? Favorites?

Nick: I’ve been told I’m not allowed to answer the kink questions anymore. also, that was a baby raccoon, not a kitten. also, Ty and I aren’t allowed to sit on the same piece of furniture until one of us sobers up.

Ty: Also, I had such a raging crush on Nick in Basic. I mean …

Kelly: I’m taking charge of erasing questions from now on.

Zane: I’m curious as to how they’ve never fucked before.

Digger: I’m making bets on they did.

Owen: And both were too drunk or high to remember.

Nick: I am that high now. That was not a kitten … it was a very mean raccoon.


Anonymous asked: Nick will you be okay? I'm worried about you.

Nick: I’ll be fine. My boyfriend drugged me with some of the strongest percocet known to man. I am still breathing, according to him, and I believe him because he’s a Devil Doc and he’ll keep me alive if something goes wrong.

Kelly: Holy Jesus, this is a new level of drugged.

Owen: What did you do to him?!

Kelly: I don’t understand. What I gave him usually just makes him really laid back and kind of giggly. I …

Digger: He is still breathing, right?

Ty: Ahahahahahahaaha!

Owen: I mean … he’s barely making coherent sentences.

Ty: I love you, Irish.

Nick: Hug it out, brother!


Anonymous asked: Owen and Digger - your opinions on Nick & Kelly please?

Digger: Well now I’m pissed as hell cause Irish went and turned me on and shit with his ‘let’s go pick up a woman at a bar’ bullshit.

Owen: I don’t like it. I need a Gatorade.


october-cathy asked: Ty & Zane, Nick & Kelly, if you ever decided to have a threesome, do you think it would be with a man or a woman?

Ty: I don’t share. I don’t want to see Zane touching someone else. THAT IS MINE NO TOUCHY!

Zane: Aside from the slurred delivery, I share Ty’s sentiment. I have no interest in a threesome, not where Ty and I are involved. I have been in them, I know Ty has as well. But he and I … he and I are just that,


Kelly: Wow. Like honest to God, I can’t figure out who is more high right now, Ty or Nick.

Zane: I have no frame of reference for Nick, but this is normal Ty on pain meds. Nick seems … exceptionally stoned.

Kelly: Pretty much. What the fuck did they give Six for his kidney stones? Maybe I should have looked beforehand.

Nick: I’d rather it be a girl.

Kelly: What?

Nick: If we had a threesome. I’d rather it be a girl.

Kelly: I mean, technically we’ve done that already, back in the day.

Nick: It’d be different, watching you fuck someone now. It’d be different. But I wouldn’t mind watching you fuck a girl.

Kelly: Are … are you serious right now or is this the Gatorade talking.

Nick: I don’t know. But if you were missing it, being with a girl I mean,  or you needed it out of of your system or you just want to fuck a woman again, we’re solid and we could do it without feelings being involved. Pick up some girl in a bar, tell her we don’t even want to know her name but we’ll make her breakfast in the morning if she’ll join us, take her home with us.

Kelly: I … that … 

Digger: Jesus Christ, okay now even I’m turned on. What the fuck is wrong with you O’Flaherty?



Anonymous asked: Nick, favorite position to fuck Kelly?

Nick: All of them. Any of them. Any way I can get him. I like to have him on his stomach, to hold him down by his wrists, be able to kiss his spine and his shoulders when I’m inside him, because he always, ALWAYS tries to turn his head to look at me. He says he likes the  look in my eyes when I fuck him -

Kelly: I do.

Nick:  - and good god the way it feels when he tries to turn and moves like that …