Anonymous asked: Has anyone else had enough of Ty and Nick's friendship angst? Either put it behind you and move on, or call it quits and go your separate ways. You're both grown men. Stop wallowing and deal with it.

Zane: Yeah, because there certainly isn’t any wallowing in hypocritical bitterness in this ask.

Nick: Wow, anon’s awful preachy for someone who isn’t being forced to read any of it. You may want to go fuck right off, dear.

Ty: Has anyone else had enough of douchecanoes showing up to be assholes when we’re here trying to do something fun? I know I have.


feelsliketheway asked: I had to explain what feminism was to a guy I just met. Should I be surprised that he, like many other guys I've met, have feminism and "feminazi" confused? Or should I just say "fuck it" and continue studying for my midterm in lab procedures for vet techs?

Nick: If he didn’t listen or care when you tried to explain to him, then fuck him.

Ty: Not literally, though.

Nick: Yeah, that … that was poorly worded. Good call.


Anonymous asked: But... Claddagh rings represent love, loyalty, and friendship... Isn't that pretty much what your relationship is all about, Nick? Not to mention Kelly is just the embodiment of the love, loyalty, and friendship, and I can see him honoring your heritage like that... The same way I'm sure you'd like to wear something that represents him like that, isn't it?

Nick: Yes, but why should I ask him to honor my heritage when he could honor his own? Kelly is very in tune with a lot of things that mean the same things to him as something like a Claddagh ring means to me. Symbolism is a very personal thing for people, and Kelly is his own person.

Kelly: I’d wear a Claddagh ring if Nick asked me to. But he’s right in regards to me, it wouldn’t mean much to me other than knowing it was special to him. Just like asking Nick to hang a dream catcher over the bed. He’d do it and he’d know it was special to me, but it wouldn’t mean much to him beyond that.


Anonymous asked: Have any of you guys just kinda felt like living your regular life just took too much? Cause lately I've been feeling like i'm just too tired for life and I could use some advice...

Nick: This seems a little more serious than what we should be trusted with. I think maybe you need to find someone you can talk to, someone who’s trained in ways to help you.

Kelly: It isn’t unusual to feel that way, there are a lot of people out there who feel the same. There are hotlines you can call. My advice is to talk about the way you feel with someone.


Anonymous asked: TS best or worst arrest that wasn't your fault

Nick: It’s never my fault.

Ty: Canada was totally my fault.

Kelly: New Orleans was my first arrest. Does that count as an arrest? We were never charged.

Nick: We weren’t charged cause we escaped, dude.

Digger: If escaping counts, I ain’t ever been arrested!

Owen: I can honestly say I have never been arrested nor have I ever escaped custody before I could be processed.


Anonymous asked: I'm sure that all of you have received lap dances before, but have any of you ever given one?

Nick: Eli gave me one as a joke for my birthday one time. It was horrifying. Did it on the ship in front of everyone.

Owen: That was gold. I videotaped it.

Ty: Nightmares.


Anonymous asked: Nick and Kelly. Were there any situations before New Orleans where it was close to a "special moment" between you two? (Sorry, don't know how to say it better. Hope you know what I mean...)

Nick: Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, I can think of a couple, yeah.

Kelly: I mean, we were always close and always physical. I can’t even count how many times Nick slung an arm over my shoulders when I sat next to him on a couch or let me cuddle him when we had to share a bed. And we always had an emotional connection that was deep and felt special.

Nick: I don’t know, I think we probably had a handful of near misses where one or both of us turned away before it could hit that mark or got scared and didn’t know why and put some distance there.

Kelly: I can think of one time specifically. We were both very drunk and I picked up a girl in a bar who was … frankly, she had a military kink, I think. She asked me to bring a friend, and Nick came with us. We were all in bed, and I remember grabbing Nick’s shoulder and just not wanting to let go of him because I could feel the muscles under the skin and it gave me a feeling I couldn’t identify. I felt like if I could just hold to him for longer I would be able to figure it out.

Nick: I remember that girl. She bailed on us in the middle of the night, we wound up in this hotel bed together, alone. It was seriously awkward for a week after. Kelly wouldn’t even make eye contact with me.


Anonymous asked: Nick, I'm a fan of the red sox but my dad is a fan of the yankees and we live in Boston. How am I supposed to deal with this?

Nick: Murder.

Ty: No.

Nick: Patricide.

Kelly: Nick, no.

Nick: It’s the only way.

Zane: Just make sure you can get away with it.

Nick: I will help.


Anonymous asked: We don't think you're a shitty person Kelly. I love that you answer the sex questions. Any more details you want to share with us?

Kelly: No, I feel a little guilty about it. Nick’s always been a private person and I dragged him into the spotlight kicking and screaming. He’s been a good sport about it, but I think I owe it to him to be a little more discreet.

Nick: Oh my God, hell is freezing over.

Kelly: Well … 

Nick: Aw, you’re being serious, aren’t you?

Kelly: Yeah. I’m trying to be fucking thoughtful over here.


Anonymous asked: Kelly what do you feel when Nick is kissing your scar from New Orleans?

Kelly: Okay first of all, gross.

Nick: Why would I kiss a bullet wound? In the middle of a romantic, intimate moment, why would I do something that is guaranteed to force his mind to go back to all that trauma and pain? Every time someone runs a finger over the scar on my back, I play over how I got it and the misery of that recovery. I would never do that to someone I love, especially if I were in a moment that would risk linking that negativity to erotic touches. I just … no.

Kelly: I think maybe it’s a very personal thing, but … I don’t know, dude I think anyone who likes to kiss someone else’s scars has never been seriously, traumatically injured.

Nick: I’m not ashamed of my scars, but don’t fucking touch them.

Kelly: Yeah. Hell, mine still hurts too, so … yeah.