Anonymous asked: hey nick, go yankees.

Nick: Hey anon, go fu -

Kelly: AND! I think we’ve reached the end.

Zane: Time to go back to work.

Ty: This was fun. Wait, I lied.


Anonymous asked: Nick, does it make you nervous that Kelly said he's been in love dozens of times?

Nick: No, because I actually heard the rest of what was said before that too.


Anonymous asked: Nick, have you fully recovered from your surgery? How's your alcohol/drug tolerance now since the whole surprising Gatorade incident?

Nick: My alcohol/drug tolerance are kind of shitty right now. I’m trying to stay away from all of the above since I’m not all there right now.

Kelly: He also won’t drink Gatorade anymore …


Anonymous asked: Nick, how in the hell can you claim you're not romantic after some of the things you've said about being with Kelly and to Kelly (there's no other option for me. it's just you.)? I mean, seriously. You are one amazingly romantic bastard. Back me up here, Kelly.

Kelly: I will gladly back you up.

Nick: I suck at romantic gestures. I never get them right.

Kelly: That’s what makes them perfect.


Anonymous asked: Nick & Kelly - we don't need all the sordid details (I mean, we do, but we get it), but can you at least tell us where you managed to find a place to fuck in Fenway and not get caught?

Nick: That’s a trade secret.

Kelly: Nick used to work the games as extra security when he first started on the force. He knows all the hidey holes.


Anonymous asked: Hey Nick, are you happy right now? I mean in generell....

Nick: In general … no. No, I’m not.


Anonymous asked: Hi Nick, if - I said if because we know that no one wants Ty gets killed - Ty is a surgery room and there a very low chance that he will survive, would you regreat be so... intransigente about not forgive him?

Nick: I’m sorry, I get the general meaning of the question, but what does intransigente mean?

Zane: Umm, sort of like stubborn and uncompromising.

Nick: Okay. Well, obviously I’d be upset if Ty were dying. Obviously. Anyone who wants to try to say I wouldn’t be can meet me out back and we’ll discuss it. I know people think I’m mad at him, that I’m being stubborn. But my issues are mine, and that’s all I’m going to say on the matter.


Anonymous asked: Sidewinder+Zane+Liam+Julian. Choose one among yourselves to kill, fuck or marry. You can't repeat the names.

Liam: Wait, this isn’t fair! They’ll all kill me!

Nick: I like this game.

Ty: Me too.


Anonymous asked: Hagan, are you getting a new partner or have you considered retiring too?

Hagan: I’m not retiring any time soon. If Nick really does go through with it, then yeah I’ll get a new partner. I hope to God he doesn’t, though. He’s the best friend and partner I’ve ever had, doing this job without him will just be … well, it’ll be harder, that’s for sure.

Nick: I’m sorry, bud.


ellenjay asked: Ty & Zane & Nick & Kelly; you guys must have doubled dated!? sans killing and shooting and fighting for your lives :P

Zane: We haven’t double dated in a traditional sense, no. But then … I’m not sure if you can say Ty and I dated at all in a traditional sense. Or Nick and Kelly, for that matter.

Nick: We went out for dinner the last time we were all together. That was the week of Richard Burns’s funeral. There wasn’t exactly a celebratory mood in the air.