Anonymous asked: Clancy, GIF challenge. Reaction to seeing Ty & Zane together and not having to hide their feelings anymore.



Anonymous asked: FBI team: Have you guys been spending much time with Ty and Zane? What do you think of their bookstore plan?

Alston: It’s a little sad, to be honest.

Perrimore: You don’t take a goddamn weapon of mass destruction like Ty Grady and put him in a bookstore!

Clancy: No, but Ty and Zane together are incredibly sweet. Which is something I never thought I’d say considering how pissed I was at Ty for quitting.


Anonymous asked: To the FBI Team: How do you all feel about Ty's retirement?

Perrimore: I think it’s bullshit. He didn’t even try to find away around it, just fucking bailed on us. You telling me Grady can’t find a loophole for that shit? He just bailed.

Lassiter: He did what he had to do. It is what it is.

Alston: Ty’s my friend. He’ll always be my friend, whether he carried a badge or not. I’m glad he’s in love, and I’m glad he’s home from war. and I still watch the games with him every weekend because I’m not a fucking asshole like some people.

Clancy: He didn’t retire. He quit. He quit on us.


Anonymous asked: Clancy, Why did you ask Zane to be your fake boyfriend. Why not the other guys in the team? Did he get your mother off your back during your sister's wedding?

Because all the other guys in the team are dating someone. And Zane was the only one I trusted to have social graces.


Anonymous asked: Clancy if you had to choose one to date who would it be? Ty or Zane?

Ugh. I’d rather be the crazy cat lady.


Anonymous asked: Team FBI - Assuming there is a mole among the team, who would you suspect?

Alston: Why the hell would we assume we have a mole?

Lassiter: You realize moles are more of a spy thing, not really an FBI thing?

Clancy: Do we need some sort of legal advice to be answering these questions.

Perrimore: I don’t like where this is going.


engese31 asked: Clancy why are guys so oblivious? I'm sad he is sad :(

Guys see what they want to see.


engese31 asked: Team FBI how is Zane doing? Is he holding up okay?

Alston: He’s doing just fine.

Clancy: He’s sad.


booklover3456 asked: Team FBI: Does it bother any if you that Ty & Zane are gay? And Perrimore, do you still want Zane as your best man?

Alston: It’s FBI policy to overlook the sexual orientation of employees.

Perrimore: Of course I want him as my best man.

Clancy: Off the record? They’re kind of hot.

Lassiter: Whatever makes Ty more pleasant to be around is fine by me.


Anonymous asked: Clancy, how do you feel about Ty and Zane keeping their relationship a secret while you were being punished for a similar thing?

I’d been dating him for less than a month and he got promoted, so I’m not sure it’s the same thing.