Anonymous asked: Mara and Earl - how did Ty tell you he and Zane were getting married? And Mara, did you cry? (love you Mara, you're the greatest!)

Mara: He called us and told us Zane finally said yes.

Earl: And then I heard Mara on the phone say, “About damn time!” I had to leave the house so Ty wouldn’t hear me laughing at him.


Anonymous asked: Mara, are you helping plan Ty's wedding? Are you excited that Zane is officially part of your family now?

Mara: No, I’m trying to remember they’re big boys and don’t need their mama helping them pick out cakes.

Ty: Love you, Ma.


roseglass asked: Earl and Mara: How are you two handling Ty being deployed? Has Zane come to visit?

Mara: We’ve gone down to see Zane a few times. We’re not as busy as he is. Having Ty gone is hard to think about.

Earl: We went ten years not knowing if he was safe over there. And every day he’s at a dangerous job at home. We trust Ty to be able to take care of himself.


Anonymous asked: Mara, we've heard the story about Ty with his BB gun and your stove. Are there any Deuce stories like that?

When they was little, Deacon was like a little bitty duckling, following along in Ty’s footsteps. Ty’s the who taught him how to walk. When they got a little older, they was so close in age we never knew who to call the instigator. Thing about it was, if trouble happened, Tyler always took the blame.


Anonymous asked: Mrs. Grady, how did your family take the news of Ty's sexuality?

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.


Anonymous asked: Mara after Ty left for boot camp did any random teenage female come looking to talk to him? Maybe a pregnant one? Can nicks mom answer this too?

Mara: Not that I recall. Why? Is someone out there trying to lay claim to this genetic bucket of crazy?

Nick: My mom doesn’t even fucking talk to me, why would she answer a question from a stranger?


Anonymous asked: Earl & Mara, how old was Ty when he started showing traits of OCD? And did you have to change they way you did things to accomodate him?

Earl: You talking about the fact he can’t let his food mix on a plate?

Mara: He’s always been like that.


Anonymous asked: Mara have you met all of Ty's friends from the military? What are your thoughts on Kelly & Nick?

Nick is the one almost died from the snake bite, right? Sweet boy. Quiet. He’s the only one I ever met.


elyze26 asked: Mara, did the men did a good job with the shed? Is it still holding up? Btw, will you share your apple pie recipe? ;-)

It’s holding up, but I don’t share recipes unless you’re family.


Anonymous asked: Hi, Mara and Earl! Does anybody else in the family know about Ty and Zane other than you both, Chester, and Deuce?

Mara: Oh my, was it still supposed to be a secret?