Anonymous asked: Deuce: how's married life?

Deuce: It’s amazing.

Livi: We’ve gone our whole marriage without someone being murdered around us.

Deuce: Which is harder than it sounds, okay!


Anonymous asked: Livi and Deuce - how's life these days? :)

Deuce: Interesting.


Anonymous asked: Livi - As the woman in charge will *you* let Ty babysit? :-)

I don’t see why not.


Anonymous asked: Deuce & Livi: How did your parents react to the baby news?

Livi: My mom was excited, my dad was so angry he still can’t meet Deacon’s eyes.

Deuce: My dad was excited, which was surprising. Ma told me she hoped we had one just like me …


Anonymous asked: Nick, Julian,Wyatt, Ash, Deuce, Livi -rimming, yes or no?

Nick: Hell yes.

Julian: I’m conflicted on the matter.

Wyatt: The idea is intriguing.

Ash: I have a vibrating tongue ring.

Deuce: I don’t even know you.

Livi: I have to say it might make me uncomfortable.


Anonymous asked: Livi - is Livi your full name or a nickname?

My name is Olivia.


Anonymous asked: Chester and Livi: What do you two think about one another?

Chester: Nice girl.

Livi: Crazy old man, but that’s what Deacon will be in about 50 years, so I love him.


Anonymous asked: Livi, how did you and Deuce meet? What was your first date like?

We met when he started taking my therapeutic yoga classes for his knee. He took me to a Phillies games, spilled a soft drink down my shirt, then accidentally grabbed my boob as he was shielding me from a foul ball that landed two rows up.


Anonymous asked: Livi...what do you think about Ty?

He’s just like his brother. Only with a gun and less self-control.


Anonymous asked: Hi Deuce and Livi. Have you decided if you're going to get married before or after the baby? BTW, do you know the sex of the baby?

Deuce: We’re getting married after so we can say the baby was invited.

Livi: Also, I want to look hot in my wedding dress and not like Cinderella after she ate the pumpkin. I know the sex, but Deacon doesn’t.