Anonymous asked: Nick don't you think you are being a little too hard on Liam? I mean he is adorable. Am I right Kelly?

Nick: Hard on Liam? HARD ON LIAM!?

Liam: Hey Irish, if I call for a medic does your puppy still come running on command?

Kelly: Oh hell no.

Nick: I … I will end you.

Liam: MEDIC!


Anonymous asked: So Liam, have you met any Shawn Bennett, Remy Bergeron, Brand Everett..?

Oh, I met that crazy Cajun once. Barely made it out alive. He was quite charming right up until he tried to kill me.


Anonymous asked: Which one of you would be the last man standing in a dodgeball game?

Liam: The one with the gun.

Zane: HA! Oh my God, I’m sorry I laughed … 


Anonymous asked: Have any of you ever heard of The Organization?

Nick: That is a fairy tale they tell baby spec ops to keep them scared.

Liam: No it’s not. It’s quite real.

Nick: I’m sorry, are you talking to me? Are you looking at me?

Liam: I don’t believe I made eye contact, no.

Nick: You want some of this, motherfucker?!

Liam: And I’ll be going now.


lilithnox asked: Liam Bell, Is your business between you and Ty finally finished or still unresolved?

I have no business with Tyler.


karenec asked: Gif challenge for Liam Bell: your reaction to getting a good look at Zane Garrett for the first time. ;)




sinningtowin asked: Hi boys, This is a question for all of you. If you could travel anywhere in the world with anyone at all, who would you take and where?

Digger: I’d go to the bayou. Take Liam Bell with me.

Liam: Darling, I didn’t know you cared.

Nick: Can I get in on that action?

Owen: Me too.


Anonymous asked: Team Sidewinder and Zane - what are your favorite toast toppings ...? ;) Liam, feel free to be the cheeky bastard we all know and love, if you're so inclined.

Liam: Why would I give a flying shite about toast?

Ty: Now I’m hungry.


Anonymous asked: Julian and Preston, do you agree with Liam Bell's assessment of the TS takedown? Is he, in fact, a more capable assassin than your team of two? Liam, feel free to chime in if you are so inclined.

Julian: I think he’s overconfident and that gets you killed.

Liam: You know what else gets you killed? Bad Chinese food.

Preston: You’re an ass.


Anonymous asked: Liam do you agree that Kelly is the heart of the team then? So that is where to start the elimination of TS? Zane what are your thoughts on this? You think TS would win in the end?

Zane: I’ve seen what they can do. I’d place my bets on them. In fact, I think after that first kill, they’d wipe the slate.

Liam: The Doc is definitely the heart of their team. I don’t think anyone will argue with that.

Zane: So, if they were sent back into service without him, what do you suppose would happen?

Liam: Hmm. I do know I wouldn’t want to witness it.