Anonymous asked: Liam, create a diversion to take Zane and Kelly out of the room, please. Now. Nick and Ty, have you ever fucked each other?

Liam: Diversion, my arse, I want to hear the answer to this one.

Ty: We … I honest to god don’t remember ever having sex with Nick! I swear!

Nick: He would have remembered.

Kelly: Word.


andthencamecutandrun asked: Liam: are you deep, deep inside a good man? And in the end everything you did was for a good reason?

Liam: Well, recently a good man was deep, deep inside me. does that count?

Ty: Are you talking about Nick?

Nick: What?

Kelly: What?

Liam: What?


Anonymous asked: Has Nick gotten to Liam? I really hope he has... I used to think Liam had some few redeeming... characteristics, not qualities, but now I just think he's an ass.

Liam: That’s quite hurtful.

Nick: Want a hug?

Liam: Are you still as high as the stars?

Nick: Yep!

Kelly: I can attest to that being the case, yes.

Liam: Then I shall accept a hug on one condition.

Nick: Okay.

Liam: It cannot include a tackle, or lifting me off the ground and swinging my feet like you used to do.

Nick: Okay.


Nick: Words are hurtful, Tyler.



andthencamecutandrun asked: Liam: How is Nicks son doing?

Liam: Normally, I would answer this with such utter glee, but the poor dear is so high I just can’t bring myself to do it.

Nick: You know what, British?

Liam: Let me hear it.

Nick: You were my friend.

Liam: I … what?

Nick: I liked you. You were my friend. I mourned you when you died.

Liam: I … 


Anonymous asked: How about you, Liam? Would you be a good father?

Liam: Good God, no. Are you insane?


Anonymous asked: Who would be the better dad? Ty, Zane, Nick or Kelly.


Liam: Hello darling. I love when questions aren’t addressed to anyone in particular.

Ty: Hey, it’s Liam …

Liam: Who would be the best father, hmmm……here it goes. Ty would be the fun father, the one you know will teach you the things that will make you the cool kid in school, the one who will help you pick up and brush you off when you fall down and then say ‘walk it off, kiddo, you’ll get better’ because that’s who Ty is and that’s who he makes everyone around him. Walk it off, kid.

Zane: Are you … are you answering this seriously? Because that sounds pretty accurate.

Liam: Of course, it’s a serious question, and I aim to serve.

Nick: Am I hallucinating?

Liam: Zane would feel the weight of responsibility quite heavily, which could make him a rather strict, dull father on the surface, adhering to the rules, rarely letting the child break them because he knows those rules are there for the child’s benefit. But he would also be the father who, at the end of the day, is the one a child will go to for advice and comfort because kids know where it’s at, and Zane’s love for his child would shine through in every action, even when he is scolding. Zane would be the father whose hugs and words meant more to a child, because rather than coming at random for no reason, they always have a reason behind them.

Zane: That’s … that’s actually really … sort of nice.

Liam: Stop sounding surprised, it’s insulting.

Kelly: Nick … where the hell did Nick go?

Liam: Is he missing? Someone get eyes on him or I’m out of here.

Ty: I had the hugest crush on him in Basic.

Kelly: Whoa, Ty, slow it down.

Zane: This is a disaster. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Liam Bell … please continue.

Liam: Fine. Just … watch my back here. Nick. Nick would try to be everything his own parents were not. He’d be gentle, he’d be supportive, he’d be genuinely interested in the lives of his children and he’d cook dinner every night and sit with them at a table and listen to them talk. He’d be terrified of disciplining them physically, so instead he’d keep control with that quiet voice that tends to get his point across better than shouting. In the end, he’d be the type of father who collects neighborhood children, who coaches little league, who takes in the strays. Nick, I believe, would be a good father despite his own opinion of his abilities.

Ty: You know Irish played sports to hide all the injuries? If his dad broke his arm the night before, he’d go all day in pain, then wait until practice or the game that night to take a dive and pretend he broke it then.

Zane: Are you serious?

Kelly: Where the hell did he go?

Liam: And finally the Doc. We all know the Doc would be an amazing father. He’s caring, he’s fun, he knows the value of a simple hug or word, he knows when to end fun that’s gotten out of control, he values family above all else, and he already spends his life working with kids who’ve been screwed over by life. As for who’d be the best father? Frankly, next-gen Sidewinders scare the ever-loving hell out of me, so NONE OF THEM.



Anonymous asked: Nick don't you think you are being a little too hard on Liam? I mean he is adorable. Am I right Kelly?

Nick: Hard on Liam? HARD ON LIAM!?

Liam: Hey Irish, if I call for a medic does your puppy still come running on command?

Kelly: Oh hell no.

Nick: I … I will end you.

Liam: MEDIC!


Anonymous asked: So Liam, have you met any Shawn Bennett, Remy Bergeron, Brand Everett..?

Oh, I met that crazy Cajun once. Barely made it out alive. He was quite charming right up until he tried to kill me.


Anonymous asked: Which one of you would be the last man standing in a dodgeball game?

Liam: The one with the gun.

Zane: HA! Oh my God, I’m sorry I laughed … 


Anonymous asked: Have any of you ever heard of The Organization?

Nick: That is a fairy tale they tell baby spec ops to keep them scared.

Liam: No it’s not. It’s quite real.

Nick: I’m sorry, are you talking to me? Are you looking at me?

Liam: I don’t believe I made eye contact, no.

Nick: You want some of this, motherfucker?!

Liam: And I’ll be going now.