The characters, after last night’s Q&A session.


Anonymous asked: does the team have any advice for a college student who's about ready to walk into an empty elevator shaft rather than sit anymore exams?

Nick: Wait for the elevator to get there.

Kelly: He may be high, but that’s still solid advice.


happyminion68 asked: Nick you said it takes a certain level of trust with the person you're with to be able to bottom for them. You love Kelly very much and trust him with your life. Have you or would you bottom for him?

Nick: I would if he asked. All he has to do is ask.

Kelly: I know, babe.


Anonymous asked: Nick, why are you still drinking the gatorade???

Nick: I don’t know. It’s here.

Digger: I’ve wrestled gators that were easier to take down than it was trying to get that bottle of Gatorade away from Irish.

Nick: Kelly put some water in it.

Kelly: I’ve added water to it like five times now.


Anonymous asked: Isn't Percocet with Gatorade a little dangerous? Kinda like mixing alcohol and Red Bull, or something?

Kelly: I will own up to the fact that getting Nick high was a HUGE FUCKING MISTAKE okay, but usually he handles it better than this! His liver surgery really fucked up his tolerance.

Nick: Does this mean that I might be able to get drunk like a normal person now?

Kelly: I don’t know, babe, maybe?

Nick: That would be awesome! And so much cheaper to go out drinking … 


Anonymous asked: Liam, create a diversion to take Zane and Kelly out of the room, please. Now. Nick and Ty, have you ever fucked each other?

Liam: Diversion, my arse, I want to hear the answer to this one.

Ty: We … I honest to god don’t remember ever having sex with Nick! I swear!

Nick: He would have remembered.

Kelly: Word.


andthencamecutandrun asked: Liam: are you deep, deep inside a good man? And in the end everything you did was for a good reason?

Liam: Well, recently a good man was deep, deep inside me. does that count?

Ty: Are you talking about Nick?

Nick: What?

Kelly: What?

Liam: What?


Anonymous asked: TS+ Zane(although, Zane is pretty much TS) I just wanted you guys to know that I'm very jealous of what you have and that when I think of heroes I think of you. Fuck DC and Marvel, you guys are the real thing. Sometimes you're pissed at each other, like Nick and Ty, but I know Nick that if some asshole came after Ty you'd beat him to a pulp cause you're a family. A family of heroes and I just wanted to thank you for all that you give us. Wish I had something like that xxxx -Minion

Nick: That’s …

Zane: Is he crying?

Kelly: He’s high, just … just let him be.


Digger: Yep. This is us.

Owen: We’re so fucked.


dannywlliams asked: Kelly, since you're all Navy baby, ever gotten Nick in the water for nefarious purposes?

Kelly: If you mean, have I ever gotten him in the water to do mean things, no. But I have gotten him into the water to fuck me as waves crashed around us.


Anonymous asked: nick, if you could taste colors, what do you think they would taste like?

Nick: You CAN taste colors!

Kelly: Not this again, oh god.

Nick: You can! You know what red tastes like? It tastes RED. And people can be colors. Ty’s orange, did you know that? He’s this bright orange that flares sometimes. And Kelly, Kelly is a very vibrant blue.

Kelly: Really.

Nick: YEs. It’s a beautiful blue. God, you’re beautiful.

Kelly: I’m blue? Not Kelly green?

Nick: why would you be green? Green means different things than blue and you’re blue.

Kelly: Nicko … babe. Let’s go to bed, huh?

Nick: Digger is the scariest color of purple I’ve ever seen.

Kelly: Nick … 

Nick: You can taste colors. And you can smell memories. And Kelly is the most beautiful blue I’ve ever seen..