Anonymous asked: hey nick, go yankees.

Nick: Hey anon, go fu -

Kelly: AND! I think we’ve reached the end.

Zane: Time to go back to work.

Ty: This was fun. Wait, I lied.


Anonymous asked: Nick, have you fully recovered from your surgery? How's your alcohol/drug tolerance now since the whole surprising Gatorade incident?

Nick: My alcohol/drug tolerance are kind of shitty right now. I’m trying to stay away from all of the above since I’m not all there right now.

Kelly: He also won’t drink Gatorade anymore …


Anonymous asked: Nick, how in the hell can you claim you're not romantic after some of the things you've said about being with Kelly and to Kelly (there's no other option for me. it's just you.)? I mean, seriously. You are one amazingly romantic bastard. Back me up here, Kelly.

Kelly: I will gladly back you up.

Nick: I suck at romantic gestures. I never get them right.

Kelly: That’s what makes them perfect.


Anonymous asked: Kelly, how would you feel if you and Nick broke up? Would you be able to stay friends?

Kelly: How the fuck do you think I’d feel? I’d be heartbroken. But we’d stay friends, because that’s what we are, and always will be.


Anonymous asked: Nick & Kelly - we don't need all the sordid details (I mean, we do, but we get it), but can you at least tell us where you managed to find a place to fuck in Fenway and not get caught?

Nick: That’s a trade secret.

Kelly: Nick used to work the games as extra security when he first started on the force. He knows all the hidey holes.


Anonymous asked: Kelly, do you miss girly bits enough to maybe have a threesome with Nick? Or do you guys prefer to stay monogamous?

Kelly: Here’s the thing. I think a threesome and monogamy are both things that could happen simultaneously. I know others see those issues differently, but I think if Nick and I sat down and talked about it, agreed on ground rules, and then followed those rules, a threesome wouldn’t be anything but another aspect to our relationship, and it certainly wouldn’t be cheating.

Do I want to try that? Not right now, no. You see, we did that years ago. Did it a couple times, actually, and it was good then. Can I see us doing it again in the future? I honestly don’t know. Now, if I started missing fucking women to the point that I wanted to step out on Nick, then the relationship would need to end. I’d never cheat on him. I’d end it before I cheated, that much I know for certain.


Anonymous asked: Nick are you worried about getting married because of that thing with Liam?

Nick: Subtle …

Kelly: what thing with Liam?

Nick: The … uh … 


Anonymous asked: Ty; why the sudden pre-wedding jitters?

Ty: I don’t know! Is that normal? Is this normal? I don’t get nervous about things, man, I never have. Big games in high school, gunfights in the Marines, being dropped out of airplanes, realizing we were in that whore house in Hong Kong when we were supposed to be at a diplomat’s house, singing the fucking National Anthem at Camden Yards when they were honoring the USMC … I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT BEING NERVOUS FEELS LIKE!

Nick: Are you a little light-headed?

Ty: Yeah!

Nick: And every time you think about getting married you feel the need to stand up and pace to get rid of the feeling in your stomach, and possibly throw up?

Ty: Yes, but that could just be me getting sick, right?

Nick: No, Ty.

Ty: Is that what being nervous feels like?!

Nick: Yeah, Ty. You’ll be fine.

Ty: Well, I don’t like it!

Kelly: Only way to fix it is go get a hug from your fiance, dude.


Anonymous asked: Kelly, We know the whole team has skills but how did you get to be so good at fighting?

Kelly: Practice, practice, practice.

Nick: Cheating, cheating, CHEATING.

Kelly: Well, yeah.


Anonymous asked: Kelly - nick is madly in love with you so why do you think he has issues marrying you still?

Kelly: I don’t think he has issues marrying me. Well, not me in particular. Nick’s always had issues with marriage in general. And as long as I can say with all sincerity that he’s madly in love with me, and I with him, what’s the problem?