Anonymous asked: To the FBI Team: How do you all feel about Ty's retirement?

Perrimore: I think it’s bullshit. He didn’t even try to find away around it, just fucking bailed on us. You telling me Grady can’t find a loophole for that shit? He just bailed.

Lassiter: He did what he had to do. It is what it is.

Alston: Ty’s my friend. He’ll always be my friend, whether he carried a badge or not. I’m glad he’s in love, and I’m glad he’s home from war. and I still watch the games with him every weekend because I’m not a fucking asshole like some people.

Clancy: He didn’t retire. He quit. He quit on us.


faeop asked: TS And FBI ( guess I mean pretty much everyone): Any of you Eagle Scouts or the Girl Scout equivalent (Gold award I think?)

Lassiter: I am.


Anonymous asked: Team FBI - Assuming there is a mole among the team, who would you suspect?

Alston: Why the hell would we assume we have a mole?

Lassiter: You realize moles are more of a spy thing, not really an FBI thing?

Clancy: Do we need some sort of legal advice to be answering these questions.

Perrimore: I don’t like where this is going.


Anonymous asked: Lassiter? Same mole question.. just curious! Don't shoot!

I don’t think it’s legal to shoot moles, is it? You have to use humane traps or something.


booklover3456 asked: Team FBI: Does it bother any if you that Ty & Zane are gay? And Perrimore, do you still want Zane as your best man?

Alston: It’s FBI policy to overlook the sexual orientation of employees.

Perrimore: Of course I want him as my best man.

Clancy: Off the record? They’re kind of hot.

Lassiter: Whatever makes Ty more pleasant to be around is fine by me.


Anonymous asked: Team FBI did you guys see that kiss coming? By this I mean were their signs that the boys were more than work partners?

Perrimore: Fuck no I didn’t see it coming!

Clancy: Looking back there were signs, but none of us were looking for them.

Lassiter: I thought they hated each other.

Alston: I knew one of them was gay. Or at least bi. Because I found things while snooping in Ty’s drawers. But I never assumed they were a couple. I never … I didn’t think it.


Anonymous asked: FBI Team: Would you say you are friends with anyone in the team? I mean like bars, BBQs, sports on TV sort of thing? If yes, who do you hang out with more?

Alston: Grady and I used to hang out, hit the bars, watch games. We still go to games, but he’s bailed on partying with me. Perrimore’s good for a game of pool at the bar. And Clancy makes a damn good wingman.

Clancy: I’m not even sure if that’s a compliment or not.

Lassiter: I gave up on fun when I got married.

Perrimore: I work out with Garrett every day. Alston’s a good time,but I can’t keep up with him past midnight.


Anonymous asked: FBI guys and gal: (same question as sidewinder) Objectively, who do you think is the best looking guy in the team ( excluding your own pretty selves and assuming others wont find out about your answer) ?

Clancy: Ty.

Alston: Clancy.

Perrimore: Clancy.

Lassiter: Michelle.

Zane: Clancy.

Ty: Zane.


kefrayba asked: Dear FBI Team: Who in the team had been with the agency the longest? Can you tell us who had been with the FBI the longest-shortest in order? And is seniority has any affects in chain of commands or team dynamics? Or only if you were promoted to Mac or Burns' position?

Here’s the order:








Anonymous asked: Alston, Freddy, Lassiter - Are any of you married or in serious relationships?

Lassiter: I have a wife who’s expecting.

Freddy: Girlfriend.

Alston: I am a free man.