Anonymous asked: FBI team: Have you guys been spending much time with Ty and Zane? What do you think of their bookstore plan?

Alston: It’s a little sad, to be honest.

Perrimore: You don’t take a goddamn weapon of mass destruction like Ty Grady and put him in a bookstore!

Clancy: No, but Ty and Zane together are incredibly sweet. Which is something I never thought I’d say considering how pissed I was at Ty for quitting.


Anonymous asked: To the FBI Team: How do you all feel about Ty's retirement?

Perrimore: I think it’s bullshit. He didn’t even try to find away around it, just fucking bailed on us. You telling me Grady can’t find a loophole for that shit? He just bailed.

Lassiter: He did what he had to do. It is what it is.

Alston: Ty’s my friend. He’ll always be my friend, whether he carried a badge or not. I’m glad he’s in love, and I’m glad he’s home from war. and I still watch the games with him every weekend because I’m not a fucking asshole like some people.

Clancy: He didn’t retire. He quit. He quit on us.


Anonymous asked: Team FBI - Assuming there is a mole among the team, who would you suspect?

Alston: Why the hell would we assume we have a mole?

Lassiter: You realize moles are more of a spy thing, not really an FBI thing?

Clancy: Do we need some sort of legal advice to be answering these questions.

Perrimore: I don’t like where this is going.


booklover3456 asked: Team FBI: Does it bother any if you that Ty & Zane are gay? And Perrimore, do you still want Zane as your best man?

Alston: It’s FBI policy to overlook the sexual orientation of employees.

Perrimore: Of course I want him as my best man.

Clancy: Off the record? They’re kind of hot.

Lassiter: Whatever makes Ty more pleasant to be around is fine by me.


Anonymous asked: Team FBI did you guys see that kiss coming? By this I mean were their signs that the boys were more than work partners?

Perrimore: Fuck no I didn’t see it coming!

Clancy: Looking back there were signs, but none of us were looking for them.

Lassiter: I thought they hated each other.

Alston: I knew one of them was gay. Or at least bi. Because I found things while snooping in Ty’s drawers. But I never assumed they were a couple. I never … I didn’t think it.


Anonymous asked: FBI Team: Would you say you are friends with anyone in the team? I mean like bars, BBQs, sports on TV sort of thing? If yes, who do you hang out with more?

Alston: Grady and I used to hang out, hit the bars, watch games. We still go to games, but he’s bailed on partying with me. Perrimore’s good for a game of pool at the bar. And Clancy makes a damn good wingman.

Clancy: I’m not even sure if that’s a compliment or not.

Lassiter: I gave up on fun when I got married.

Perrimore: I work out with Garrett every day. Alston’s a good time,but I can’t keep up with him past midnight.


Anonymous asked: FBI: Alright, best looking man?

Clancy: Still Ty.

Alston: That’s a weird question.

Perrimore: Alston’s not man enough to answer.

Zane: Let’s just move along now.


Anonymous asked: FBI guys and gal: (same question as sidewinder) Objectively, who do you think is the best looking guy in the team ( excluding your own pretty selves and assuming others wont find out about your answer) ?

Clancy: Ty.

Alston: Clancy.

Perrimore: Clancy.

Lassiter: Michelle.

Zane: Clancy.

Ty: Zane.


kefrayba asked: Dear FBI Team: Who in the team had been with the agency the longest? Can you tell us who had been with the FBI the longest-shortest in order? And is seniority has any affects in chain of commands or team dynamics? Or only if you were promoted to Mac or Burns' position?

Here’s the order:








kefrayba asked: To the FBI team members: Who among you are civilian agents like Zane? who were from military like Ty? and who were from other branches of law enforcements?

Ty’s the only one among the team that was military. The rest of us were recruited out of college.