Anonymous asked: TS: Who out of you was the nerd as a teenager, who the popular one, and who the punk goth one?

Ty: Nick and I were the only ones who knew each other as teenagers. And we were both pretty similar. Sports, good grades, popular.

Kelly: I think we were all nerds.

Digger: Definitely didn’t have a punk goth one.


Anonymous asked: TS - I seem to have missed this somewhere along the line... when / where / why did you all live together?

Ty: When we were stationed at Lejeune we rented a house together. Saved a lot of money and gave us a place to store our vehicles where they were safe.


Anonymous asked: Elias - Do you feel vindicated by the pain Abi feels when she has to write about you?

A little bit. I hope she cries every time she types my name! I do feel bad for the boys, though, whenever I see them thinking about me.


Anonymous asked: Sanchez: How would you react if you found out that Ty was gay?

Like a ghost?


Anonymous asked: Sidewinder (a question for all of you): When you first joined the USMC, meaning, when you were a mere kid of 18 or something, did you ever, even for a second, think "wow, what the hell did i do? i might get killed" or feel intimidated by the whole thing? And be HONEST! All my love to you all!

Of course. Every damn day. The ones who weren’t afraid of dying were the ones who didn’t pass their psych evals.


Anonymous asked: Team Sidewinder, I wish we'd gotten to know Sanchez a little before he died. Got a good story to tell about him?

We’ve got lots of stories about Sanchez. He was the soul of our team.