roseglass asked: Earl and Mara: How are you two handling Ty being deployed? Has Zane come to visit?

Mara: We’ve gone down to see Zane a few times. We’re not as busy as he is. Having Ty gone is hard to think about.

Earl: We went ten years not knowing if he was safe over there. And every day he’s at a dangerous job at home. We trust Ty to be able to take care of himself.


Anonymous asked: Earl are you implying they now because I just asked? They are not in the interrogation room! Or did you mean you have told them already?

The family knows because we’ve told them.


Anonymous asked: Earl does your immediate family know that Ty is gay and has a boyfriend?

They do now.


Anonymous asked: Earl, Mara and Chester: What do you think of the Zombie Apocalypse plans flying around?

Earl: The what?

Chester: Damn fools.


Anonymous asked: Earl & Mara, how old was Ty when he started showing traits of OCD? And did you have to change they way you did things to accomodate him?

Earl: You talking about the fact he can’t let his food mix on a plate?

Mara: He’s always been like that.


turannor asked: Earl, Mara, Harrison and Beverly: What would you think if Ty and Zane said they want to adopt a child?

Earl: Same thing I thought when Deacon told us they were expecting. ‘Oh God, not another one.’

Harrison: I’d be surprised. Zane’s not all too fond of kids.


elyze26 asked: Hello Earl sir, is your finger fully healed up and functional again?

It doesn’t bend quite right, but it’s all healed up. Thanks for asking.


Anonymous asked: Grady family, did you ever find out how Chester figured out that Ty and Zane are together?

Deuce: My bet is still on the hearing aid.

Earl: I’m not real sure I want to know.


Anonymous asked: Earl, what are your thoughts on Burns having Ty spy on Zane all this time? (I'm assuming you know since Deuce does...)

I think he’s a real son of a bitch.


Anonymous asked: Earl, are you close with your twin?

Yes, we’re close.