witchescanberightgiantscanbegood asked: I don't think I know all of you guys' birthdays... Any chance any of you was born on April 1st? (I could always use some help to stop all the tasteless jokes that come with my birthday, like clockwork, every year ...)

Digger: Mine is April 3rd! I got no help for tasteless jokes, though.


Anonymous asked: TS best or worst arrest that wasn't your fault

Nick: It’s never my fault.

Ty: Canada was totally my fault.

Kelly: New Orleans was my first arrest. Does that count as an arrest? We were never charged.

Nick: We weren’t charged cause we escaped, dude.

Digger: If escaping counts, I ain’t ever been arrested!

Owen: I can honestly say I have never been arrested nor have I ever escaped custody before I could be processed.


Anonymous asked: This one is for Digger: what do you miss most about active duty?

Digger: Having a place I belong. Having my brothers there. It’s like being away from home and family and knowing you can’t go back.


Anonymous asked: Digger, it's bothering me that you're the only one who's still single :( do you have any special person in your life? Or are you enjoying being single for now?

Digger: I got lots of special people in my life. I love being single, I want to be single. I’m happy for the others, but I ain’t envious, that’s for damn sure.


Anonymous asked: Digger - one word descripting of all the Sidewinder members.

Digger: Assholes.


Anonymous asked: For all the guys...What is your favorite childhood memory?

Digger: There was this mom and pop restaurant in town right there by the stop sign, across from the railroad tracks. They served pink hot dogs on toasted buns. We’d go there with my mama and we’d all get a hot dog and fries and a soda that came in a paper cup. Nothing tastes better than a Coke in a paper cup. And if we were lucky, we’d get to watch the train go by.

Owen: My cousins lived in a little town with a lake. We’d spend the 4th of July with them every year, and the grown ups would let all of us go out on our bikes by ourselves. It was our first taste of freedom, and every time I see lights on the water I still feel free.

Ty: The ballpark. That’s my favorite memory. Deuce and I both played little league baseball and peewee football, and we were always at the ballpark. When I wasn’t playing, I was running around, playing in the sandbox, hanging on the fence, gathering pebbles, and looking for four-leaf clovers. We had this blanket my mom made that was basically a sheet of plastic with cloth on the outside, because the plastic kept us warm when the wind blew. I loved the way that blanket sounded when you wrapped it around you.

Zane: Going riding with my grandfather. We’d spend hours out there, and he’d talk to me about everything from his philosophy on why red cars are for dumbasses to how a fiddle can make a song sound beautiful to why it was important never to waste something that someone could use. I’m afraid I didn’t listen to him as much as I should have. I was too young to appreciate what he was sharing with me, but I knew even at the time that it was something special, and not every kid had that.

Kelly: My dad taking me fishing. I had a little plastic rod and reel with Mickey Mouse on it because I was too little to handle a big one. We’d drive out to this creek in his old truck, I can still remember the way the seats smelled. We’d sit on the bank of this creek, and he wouldn’t even bait his hook because there weren’t any fish in the water, and we’d sit side by side, and he’d tell me stories about the west and Native myths and I just … I really wish we could still go fishing sometimes.

Nick: I can’t really say I have any.


Anonymous asked: Gif challenge: What's the normal reactions from everyone to a sex question?














cosmicbooks asked: Sidewinder, any Halloween traditions or funny stories?

Digger: Oh my godddddd I love Halloween. LOVE IT.

Kelly: We used to decorate our house in Jacksonville like it was haunted. We’d throw a party for the other guys who had kids, let them come through our house and get scared. It was always fun.

Nick: Main floor was for the little ones. Basement and the woods out back were for the big kids who thought they were too cool to get scared.

Ty: No one is too cool to get scared.

Owen: We’d let Ty lead them through because when he went down the steps he started slowly freaking out. You can’t fake fear like that.

Nick: Then he’d abandon all these bratty pre-teens in the dark and all you could hear was screaming.


Anonymous asked: Who gets to plan the bachelor party for Ty and Zane? Because I can see Kelly "accidentally" slipping their sex tape into the DVD player and scarring everyone for life.

Nick: Pretty sure that’s still going to be Deacon’s job.

Digger: Why does he get to plan that shit? I throw a good party, dammit!

Kelly: Yeah I think Deacon lost party-planning privileges is Scotland, dude.

Ty: He said the word, Zane.

Zane: He’s not wrong, though.

Owen: Didn’t like half the people at Deacon’s wedding end up dead?

Kelly: Wait a minute, why the hell would I ruin someone’s party with a sex tape? That’s just a shitty person.

Nick: Maybe if you stopped answering sex questions they wouldn’t think you’re a shitty person!


cosmicbooks asked: Sidewinder and Zane: favorite breakfast foods?

Nick: Bacon.

Kelly: Pancakes.

Ty: I’m partial to hashbrowns. OH! Grits! Oh my goddddd grits…..

Digger: Dammit, he gritted himself again.

Owen: So disturbing.