Anonymous asked: Digger and Owen, gif reaction to everytime you see Nick and Kelly, Zane and Ty being sweet with each other.



cxenturies asked: Sidewinder: can you guys effectively use swords? If not, would you ever want to learn how?

Digger: Depends on what you mean by ‘effectively.’

Owen: I can make things bleed with a sword.

Digger: Including yourself.

Owen: That was one time.


Anonymous asked: hey Digger Emma should be at the wedding.

Digger: Hell yes.



Anonymous asked: Sidewinder and Zane, how many times have you been in love? And not the with your dick love. The this is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with can't live without love?

Zane: Twice.

Ty: Just the once.

Owen: That’s kind of an odd question, right? Because in hindsight I can say never. But the number of times I thought I was in love are numerous.

Digger: Yeah, hindsight I can say just once, and I fucked it up big.

Owen: And if I look at Riley right now, I can say once, but what if I’m just smitten and in a year it’s a ‘never’ answer again?

Nick: And cue Johns panicking about his girlfriend in three … two …


Digger: Wow.

Kelly: I’m with Owen on this one, there’re two answers. I want to say just once, and point to Nick and say that’s it. This is it. But if I look at my life and consider what I thought at the time, I’d have to say I’ve been in love dozens of times.

Nick: I can say just once and mean it with everything I am.

Owen: Oh my God, I am panicking. Irish! Help me!

Nick: A California wedding should be fun.

Owen: Oh God …


Anonymous asked: Zane & Kelly~ please, for the love of holy fuck, when are you two going to lock Ty and Nick in a room together and make unfuck their shit? I mean, hell, Nick, Ty's getting married, for fuck's sake. Do you really think he wants to to that without you right next to him?... Not that I have any particularly strong feelings on the subject. Just asking.

Kelly: I’m really not sure forcing them together to work things out is going to work.

Digger: We just need to get them talking again. Once they start, they realize they’re being idiots and it smooths over.

Zane: How’d it work out the last time they stopped talking? What made them start again?

Kelly: Ty got in a jam and needed help. Nick was the closest.

Owen: Ty’s life is a perpetual jam, though, that won’t work this time.

Ty: You realize we’re sitting right here.

Nick: How about minding your own goddamn business and giving me time to work through some shit that has nothing to do with Ty and everything to do with me instead of sticking your nose in?

Ty: Are you talking to me?

Nick: No.

Digger: Ain’t that the problem to start with?

Ty: That’s not funny, man.

Nick: I’d have to have a gun to my head to miss Ty’s wedding, understand?


Anonymous asked: Sidewinder, back when you all got along with Liam and considered him a mate, what was your favorite thing about him?

Nick: He was actually pretty hilarious.

Ty: I liked his cleverness. We learned a lot from each other.

Digger: He was up for anything.

Owen: I kind of hated him.

Kelly: Me too.


mommidono asked: This question is for the Sidewinder Team... If you lived during the "Robin Hood" times, would you be members of Robin's Merry Band or one of the Sheriff's Guard? I just spent the day at a ocal Renaissance Faire and I could picture certain of you in either group!

Digger: I think I’d be screwed …

Owen: No, didn’t you see the movie? You’d be Morgan Freeman.

Nick: No.

Kelly: Can I be Robin Hood?

Nick: No.

Ty: Was this before or after the Plague? I don’t want the Plague.

Nick: No.


Anonymous asked: To all of you, do you have a favorite book?

Zane: I’m not sure you could make me pick just one.

Ty: The Three Musketeers.

Owen: I’m like Zane, I’m not sure I have a favorite.

Kelly: The Hobbit. My dad used to read it to me.

Digger: Jurassic Park.

Nick: Really?

Digger: Love that fucking book.

Nick: I would have lost money on that one.


1budwiser asked: Zane, isn't it a little hypocritical to get after Nick and Kelly about sex in a club after what you and Ty did in the storeroom of the bar in Texas? At least their sister probably didn't catch them walking out.

Nick: Wait wait, in a storeroom?! 

Digger: You dirty.

Kelly: And Zane can’t even say he was drunk.

Zane: Go ahead, I am not ashamed to be caught fucking my incredibly hot boyfriend against a storeroom door.

Kelly: At least Nick and I were sloshed when we went at it, though! And sweaty and all … hard muscles in damp shirts and smelling good … gah!

Ty: I’m so disturbed.



fms-checks asked: Hey guys ! First let me just say I've had a completely shitty day and you guys are tots making it better so thanks ! :D Zane does Ty still have the Stetson hat you gave him ? And does wear it for a ride often ? ;)

Zane: Of course he still has it. He hangs it on a hook in the closet. He doesn’t use it to ride, though. Usually it’s, um … too far away by the time he decides he might need it.

Digger: Hi ho, Silver.