The characters, after last night’s Q&A session.


Anonymous asked: Nick, why are you still drinking the gatorade???

Nick: I don’t know. It’s here.

Digger: I’ve wrestled gators that were easier to take down than it was trying to get that bottle of Gatorade away from Irish.

Nick: Kelly put some water in it.

Kelly: I’ve added water to it like five times now.


Anonymous asked: TS+ Zane(although, Zane is pretty much TS) I just wanted you guys to know that I'm very jealous of what you have and that when I think of heroes I think of you. Fuck DC and Marvel, you guys are the real thing. Sometimes you're pissed at each other, like Nick and Ty, but I know Nick that if some asshole came after Ty you'd beat him to a pulp cause you're a family. A family of heroes and I just wanted to thank you for all that you give us. Wish I had something like that xxxx -Minion

Nick: That’s …

Zane: Is he crying?

Kelly: He’s high, just … just let him be.


Digger: Yep. This is us.

Owen: We’re so fucked.


Anonymous asked: Kelly, are you at all regretting getting Nick high?

Kelly: I have regrets.

Digger: We all have regrets.

Nick: NOT ME!



engese31 asked: Does the fact that Nick is fucking Kelly make Kelly more attractive to you Zane?

Zane: What?

Ty: What?

Kelly: What?

Nick: I’m not fucking him right now …

Digger: What?!

Owen: I’m going to bed.


Anonymous asked: Nick! What's on your kink list? How many of them have you done with Kelly? Favorites?

Nick: I’ve been told I’m not allowed to answer the kink questions anymore. also, that was a baby raccoon, not a kitten. also, Ty and I aren’t allowed to sit on the same piece of furniture until one of us sobers up.

Ty: Also, I had such a raging crush on Nick in Basic. I mean …

Kelly: I’m taking charge of erasing questions from now on.

Zane: I’m curious as to how they’ve never fucked before.

Digger: I’m making bets on they did.

Owen: And both were too drunk or high to remember.

Nick: I am that high now. That was not a kitten … it was a very mean raccoon.


Anonymous asked: Okay, seeing Ty and Nick high as kites, Zane and Kelly being gleeful on the sidelines, and Owen and Digger not knowing quite what to do is hilarious. SO, if someone were to make Digger high, how would that go?

Digger: Oh, I don’t like being high. I like a nice alcohol buzz, but being high feels like being out of control. And frankly seeing Ty and Nick acting like fools tonight … say no to drugs, kids.


Anonymous asked: Nick will you be okay? I'm worried about you.

Nick: I’ll be fine. My boyfriend drugged me with some of the strongest percocet known to man. I am still breathing, according to him, and I believe him because he’s a Devil Doc and he’ll keep me alive if something goes wrong.

Kelly: Holy Jesus, this is a new level of drugged.

Owen: What did you do to him?!

Kelly: I don’t understand. What I gave him usually just makes him really laid back and kind of giggly. I …

Digger: He is still breathing, right?

Ty: Ahahahahahahaaha!

Owen: I mean … he’s barely making coherent sentences.

Ty: I love you, Irish.

Nick: Hug it out, brother!


Anonymous asked: Unfuck your shit, __________ (fill in the blank)

Nick: You fill in the fucking blank, dude, you can’t just use that phrase without earning it.

Kelly: Take a breath, bud.

Nick: Everything around me right now is shiny, you fucking hear me, there’s not a goddamn thing that needs to unfuck its shit.

Digger: It’s possible he’s reached his Irish stage of being high.

Zane: What’s the Irish stage?

Digger: Just …

Nick: Nothing needs to unfuck its shit! Look at my TV! It’s showing me baseball. Doing its job. Look at my boat! Floating! Doing its job! Look at my boyfriend! Standing beside me looking like he’s about to slip me some valium so I’ll go to sleep soon instead of getting violent. DOING HIS JOB! SHINY … hi Kels.

Kelly: Hi, babe.

Digger: The Irish stage of being high. He loves everyone and everything and usually ends up getting laid.


Anonymous asked: Owen and Digger - your opinions on Nick & Kelly please?

Digger: Well now I’m pissed as hell cause Irish went and turned me on and shit with his ‘let’s go pick up a woman at a bar’ bullshit.

Owen: I don’t like it. I need a Gatorade.