Anonymous asked: Deacon, when you were growing up, what was the worst thing that Ty did that made you say 'remind me to never, ever, ever do that'?

Deacon: You mean, that he got in trouble for? Ty didn’t get in trouble a lot. Getting his nose broken for sneaking in and surprising grandpa and his shovel was pretty much lesson learned.


Anonymous asked: Deuce: how's married life?

Deuce: It’s amazing.

Livi: We’ve gone our whole marriage without someone being murdered around us.

Deuce: Which is harder than it sounds, okay!


Anonymous asked: Deuce, what do you think about this obsession Nick and Zane have with sexing each other up? Do you think this could be Nick trying to metaphorically sleep with Ty through Zane, and Zane trying to see how far Ty's jealousy actually goes?

No, I think it’s just two guys who like to annoy Ty and they’re doing it well.


eclecticnichelle-deactivated201 asked: Nick and Deuce, this snake-bite bad-touch thing is driving me crazy! Please, pretty, pretty please give me the details.

Nick: That snake just about got the lucky charms.

Deuce: It hit really close to his femoral artery, and it was … a preventative treatment until we could get him to the ranger’s station.

Ty: Can I admit something right here?

Nick: No.

Deuce: No.

Ty: It was hot.

Kelly: No.


misscoyoteblue asked: TS, Zane, Deuce: What one word would you use to describe your mother?

Deuce: Warm.

Zane: Cold.

Digger: Lively.

Owen: Tender.

Ty: Enthusiastic.

Kelly: Affectionate.

Nick: I’m not answering this.


Anonymous asked: No no no no no. The Nick/Zane pairing needs to stop. Ty and Zane have gone through too much and worked through a lot to screw it up with a hypothetical one night Nick/Zane pairing. I'm not against fan fiction. Sterek fan fiction and even some good Nick/Deuce fanfiction got me through waiting for the next C&R book. I'm just a romantic sap at heart guys.

Deuce: What do you mean Nick/Deuce?!

Nick: I …

Ty: Have you fucked my brother?!

Nick: I don’t think so!



Anonymous asked: Deuce, do you think Ty and Zane would be good parents?

Yes and no. On one hand, that’d be one happy kid and probably capable or spoiling terrorists plots single-handedly. On the other, it’s not really normal for city kids to be able to do all the things Ty and Zane would teach a child so there’s the concern they’d be an outcast, or possibly a serial killer.


Anonymous asked: Nick, chickens? How did a city boy like you develop alektorophobia? I know they look like mini velociraptors, but ... ;)

Nick: Hey, we don’t see the fucking things running around people’s yards like fucking Trapper Dan over here did, okay? Did you know that if you walk into a chicken coup, all those creepy little fuckers will stop what they’re doing and stare at you?

Deuce: Why are you walking into chicken coups?

Nick: They make really good places to hide.

Ty: Unless the chickens attack you because they think you have food.

Digger: And then someone screams and alerts them to our position.

Owen: Dude, they were trying to peck our eyes out.

Ty: No, they weren’t.

Nick: I don’t give a fuck.


ginny-rose asked: Deuce, now that Amelia is born, do you think you will be an overprotective father when she is old enough to date or do you think you'll leave that to her to make her decisions about boys?

I guess it will depend on her personality. If she shows the same decision-making skills as her uncle, we’re going to have problems.


Anonymous asked: Ts: I read a Winston Churchill quote that said:"War is a game that is played with a smile, if you can't smile, grin. If you can't grin, keep out of the way 'till you can." And it made me think of you... What do you think? Oddly fitting? or are you going to chastise me and say that "war is not a game..."

Nick: War is a game. And we’re pretty damn good players.

Owen: The answers to this question will make a psychologist salivate.

Deuce: Do tell.