Anonymous asked: Corbin and Del Porter - Have you two got out from the prison and how's your relationship now? I hope it goes well, I like to know more about you two~

Corbin: Still one more year to go, unless we get out on good behavior.

Del: It’s hard to work on your relationship when you’re in jail.


Anonymous asked: Del: Excuse you! Ty is a smart, kind, loving, caring, easily irritated, twitchy, cute annoying person. He is not an idiot!

Seemed like an idiot to me.


Anonymous asked: Del: What was your first impression of Agent Grady?

You mean the idiot who interviewed me?


Anonymous asked: Del, remember when I said I thought Ty might have stolen a pair of your jeans? Sounds like he also might've stolen your sex toys. ...But you didn't hear it from me.

That’s not cool, man. Not cool at all.


Anonymous asked: Ty, Zane, Ryan, Liam, Ryan, Del and Corbin - 'guyliner' - yes or no?

Ty: Yes.

Zane: No.

Liam: No.

Ryan: No.

Del: Yes.

Corbin: Yes.


Anonymous asked: Del, is your hair naturally blonde or did you dye it that color as part of your undercover work?

I dyed it that color because I fucking felt like it.


Anonymous asked: Del, I'm pretty sure Ty stole a pair of your jeans. What do you think of that?

I’m wearing penitentiary orange for the next few years. That bastard can have them.


Anonymous asked: Corbin and Del: how long are your sentences? you ARE getting out of jail before you're old and tired? so we can see you HEA?

Del: If he’ll still have me.

Corbin: I don’t even fucking know you!…..but you make that orange jumpsuit look damn good.


Anonymous asked: Hello! Corbin and Del? Have you talked since when you were arrested?



Anonymous asked: Is Del taking questions too?

He wants his lawyer as well.