Anonymous asked: Corbin don't you think you should forgive Del he did technically save your life and he still loves you

Corbin: I don’t take advice from strangers. I love him regardless of what he may have done. It doesn’t mean the betrayal didn’t hurt.


elyze26 asked: Corbin, have you forgiven Del yet? He does love you dearly...

Our relationship is none of your concern.


Anonymous asked: Corbin and Del Porter - Have you two got out from the prison and how's your relationship now? I hope it goes well, I like to know more about you two~

Corbin: Still one more year to go, unless we get out on good behavior.

Del: It’s hard to work on your relationship when you’re in jail.


Anonymous asked: Corbin, Given that Del risked everything in order to save your life, do you think you might one day forgive him for his deceit?

I don’t trust him. But I still love him. Make of that what you will.


Anonymous asked: Corbin Porter - Corbin, I know you must feel a little bit betrayed right now but you should give Del a chance, he really loves you! Anyway, what did you feel the first time you laid your eyes on him? Was it love at first sight?

A little bit betrayed? My husband was sent to kill me! A little bit doesn’t begin to cover it! I don’t want to talk about the first time I saw him, because he was stunning. He was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen and it felt like I might suffocate if I didn’t speak to him.

But he was only there to seduce me and take my life. That was the only reason he stayed.


Anonymous asked: Ty, Zane, Ryan, Liam, Ryan, Del and Corbin - 'guyliner' - yes or no?

Ty: Yes.

Zane: No.

Liam: No.

Ryan: No.

Del: Yes.

Corbin: Yes.


Anonymous asked: Corbin and Del: how long are your sentences? you ARE getting out of jail before you're old and tired? so we can see you HEA?

Del: If he’ll still have me.

Corbin: I don’t even fucking know you!…..but you make that orange jumpsuit look damn good.


Anonymous asked: Corbin and Del: You want your story to be told, don't you? It's a great love story, even with the ending! You can get back together when you're released, right? Corbin, you still love Del, right? Right?!

Great love story? I’M IN JAIL!


Anonymous asked: Hello! Corbin and Del? Have you talked since when you were arrested?



Anonymous asked: Hi Corbin, Do you love Del?

I want my lawyer.