The characters, after last night’s Q&A session.


Anonymous asked: Okay let's try this again. Ty, what would you do if someone tried to steal your Zane from you?

Ty: Same answer. With more guns.

Zane: We’re going to bed now so I can take advantage of his current state.


Anonymous asked: Nick! I also believe people are colors! And I'm not even high! (Okay, it is 4 am where I am and I should be sleeping, but *meh*). What color is Zane? And you?

Nick: Zane changed on me. He went from being sort of a murky green to a brighter one. I’ve never known someone to change colors on me. I don’t know what color I am.

Ty: He’s serious, you know. He can do that, he can see people in colors. He’s always been able to.

Zane: You two are so high right now, we need to end this soon.

Ty: No, it’s true, Zane. They’re called auras. Nick can see them.

Nick: I can’t see them. I feel them. People feel like colors.

Zane: Right. Yeah, you’re both totally fine.


witchescanberightgiantscanbegood asked: Ty, tell Zane kitties can smell zombies -- well, if they can smell raw fish under three sealed thermo bags, I'm pretty sure they can smell zombies miles away -- and that they are great fighters when it comes to defending their territory. I bet this would convince him to let you have as many cats as you want in your bookstore.

Nick: Oh my god TY, what would you do with your kitties if zombies happen?!

Ty: Oh no … they’d have to be protected. they’d have to learn how to defend themselves! I’d have to teach them about warfare and survival.

Nick: I’ll help you.

Zane: God please, if you’re listening … help me.


Anonymous asked: TS+ Zane(although, Zane is pretty much TS) I just wanted you guys to know that I'm very jealous of what you have and that when I think of heroes I think of you. Fuck DC and Marvel, you guys are the real thing. Sometimes you're pissed at each other, like Nick and Ty, but I know Nick that if some asshole came after Ty you'd beat him to a pulp cause you're a family. A family of heroes and I just wanted to thank you for all that you give us. Wish I had something like that xxxx -Minion

Nick: That’s …

Zane: Is he crying?

Kelly: He’s high, just … just let him be.


Digger: Yep. This is us.

Owen: We’re so fucked.


Anonymous asked: I love you Zane!



Anonymous asked: Nick what made you want to live on a boat? What would it take for you to move?

Nick: Usually it just takes a good swell … 



Anonymous asked: Nick, you've been painted as the massive commitment-phobe, but you seem //ridiculously// in love with Kelly. No regrets?

Nick: I was painted as a tree once. In Spain.

Zane: What the fuck?

Nick: There were regrets.

Zane: I am so … thank Christ your normal reaction to drugs isn’t like this because people would get you high all the time just to film it.

Nick: Has Ty ever told you a story that started with ‘one time in Spain,’?

Zane: Yeah, but …

Nick: That’s a Recon thing. It’s never Spain. It’s just somewhere we can’t say we were. So instead of some classified country, it’s ‘I’m in Spain.’ All our best stories start with ‘one time in Spain.’

Zane: I … I didn’t know that. That makes sense, though.

Nick: I’ve never been to Spain. Neither has Ty. Maybe you should take him there for your honeymoon, Garrett. So he can say he’s actually been to Spain.

Zane: That’s … that’s actually sweet, O’Flaherty.

Nick: I’d take Kelly there. I’d take Kelly anywhere.


Anonymous asked: I'm sorry, but did Ty say glass butt plug? Wouldn't a softer material be more comfortable? & less dangerous?

Ty: But the glass is beautiful. It has colored swirlies inside it. And it’s easy to clean. A softer material would be, well. soft. And who wants soft when you want something nice and hard up your ass, am I right?


Kelly: Oh my god.

Zane: Tell them the best part of the glass butt plug, Ty.

Ty; Oh! OH YEAH! It’s heavy enough, it can be used as a weapon if I can’t get to my gun or my knife.

Zane: There you are, potential home invaders. Explain that injury to the ER docs.


dr-lemur asked: Ty, what would you name your bookstore kitties?

Ty: I think animals need to show a little of their personality before they get named. I wouldn’t pick a name out til I got a kitty. Or two. Zane can I have two kitties?

Zane: I’m marrying the crazy cat lady.