Anonymous asked: What is your boyfriend's most irritating habit?

Kelly: Nick flirts. With everyone. It’s both charming and annoying as hell.

Zane: Oh, where do I start …

Ty: Zane sulks.

Nick: Kelly answers questions. So many fucking questions.


Anonymous asked: What is your best seduction line?

Owen: It depends on the situation.

Zane: I think we’ve already established I’m not good at these.

Ty: I learned my best line from Nick.

Kelly: What’s Nick’s best line?

Nick: I’m not answering.

Digger: Why not? We’ve all seen you do it.

Zane: Come on, what’s the line?

Nick: “Let’s get out of here.”

Ty: Worked every single time.


Anonymous asked: Hey, Nick, can you just bend Zane over?

Nick: Probably.

Zane: You think so?

Nick. Yeah.


Anonymous asked: Gif challenge for everyone: choose one gif to illustrate Ty and Nick's relationship and one for Ty and Zane's.

Kelly: This is Nick and Ty: 


Owen: So accurate.

Nick: This is Ty and Zane:


Ty: I hate all of you.


ellenjay asked: Ty & Zane; any advice for Nick & Kelly before we're all let into their heads and become savvy to their inner most thoughts?






Anonymous asked: Hi Zane! What do you like and dislike most about the Sidewinder Team?

I like their loyalty. I’ve never in my life before this known someone who would have my back like they do. I really dislike their propensity for sharing right now …


Anonymous asked: "Approach from the side..." and what do I do after? Seriously, Ty, if it lends me a hot guy like you, I'm all for your advice.

Ty: Tackle him to the ground! Restrain him!

Nick: Mother of God, NO! College kids can’t be tackled and restrained as a mating technique!

Ty: You look me in the eye and tell me if a co-ed bulldozed you to the ground and said ‘hi, want to have dinner with me?’ you wouldn’t be all over that?

Nick: NO! You have a serious mental disconnect with reality going on right now. Zane is literally the only person in the world that would work on.

Kelly: I’d go for that.

Owen: Me too.

Digger: Same. What college is this, honey? I might need to take a stroll …

Nick: Don’t make me arrest you. Again.

Owen: Weren’t you dating someone at UNC-Wilmington at one point, Nicko? You made a lot of trips down there.

Nick: Yes, but I was 24 at the time and I didn’t introduce myself by tackling him to the ground.

Ty: Him?

Zane: Maybe just walk up to this guy and say, “Hi my name is whatever, would you like to have lunch with me?’ That seems safer than criminal assault and kidnapping charges.


Anonymous asked: Zane: who would you rather do Nick or Kelly

Zane: I’m not answering this question. Nick is looking at me very … oddly.

Ty: Oh … you should get your knife out.

Zane: What? Why?

Owen: Dude, don’t ask questions, just arm up.


Anonymous asked: Zane how would you feel if Ty and Nick did share a woman? Would you want details?

Zane: I’m torn, to be honest. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had because frankly they shared everything else. I know for a fact they’ve both been with people at the same time in the same room, because Ty’s told me about that. But if they were together with a woman, I’m not sure I’d want details other than to be completely voyeuristic about it. But hey, I’m still a guy and the idea is still pretty hot. I just don’t know if I want to think about how they would have had to be touching to get that done.

Nick: Why do you think I avoided that situation so hard?


Anonymous asked: Nick, what are five things that make you happy?

Nick: Five things. In no particular order. My boat. My brothers. Beer. Shooting things. Good food.

Kelly: Shooting things?

Nick: They have targets now that look like zombies.


Ty: Oh god, I should never have gotten out of bed.


Nick: It’s fun as hell.