1budwiser asked: Zane, isn't it a little hypocritical to get after Nick and Kelly about sex in a club after what you and Ty did in the storeroom of the bar in Texas? At least their sister probably didn't catch them walking out.

Nick: Wait wait, in a storeroom?! 

Digger: You dirty.

Kelly: And Zane can’t even say he was drunk.

Zane: Go ahead, I am not ashamed to be caught fucking my incredibly hot boyfriend against a storeroom door.

Kelly: At least Nick and I were sloshed when we went at it, though! And sweaty and all … hard muscles in damp shirts and smelling good … gah!

Ty: I’m so disturbed.



fms-checks asked: Hey guys ! First let me just say I've had a completely shitty day and you guys are tots making it better so thanks ! :D Zane does Ty still have the Stetson hat you gave him ? And does wear it for a ride often ? ;)

Zane: Of course he still has it. He hangs it on a hook in the closet. He doesn’t use it to ride, though. Usually it’s, um … too far away by the time he decides he might need it.

Digger: Hi ho, Silver.


Anonymous asked: Owen & Digger, does it creep you out that I use photos of the two of you together as wallpaper on my phone and computer?



Anonymous asked: Owen, I like you a lot but I know very little a about you. Could you tell something about yourself or your life that you haven't said yet?

Digger: Ha! That’s why you like him so much, ‘cause you don’t know nothing about him.

Owen: Rude.

Digger: Tell us something, Ozone. Come on.

Owen: Hmm. Okay, I’ve got one. I don’t have a hobby. Whenever people ask me what I like to do for fun, I can never think of anything. I’ve spent all the years since our first discharge trying different things to see if I can find one. But nothing I try seems to inspire any loyalty or passion. Like, Ty likes to restore old things. Nick has history. Digger enjoys the intricacies of safe-cracking and monitoring police scanners -

Digger: Hey now.

Owen: Kelly likes to build things. Eli loved to travel. But there’s nothing I can find that really feels right to me. I’m still looking.


Anonymous asked: Ty, are you aware that it is considered unlucky to alter, lose, or break your engagement ring? You’ve done all three so I think that means you’ve cursed your and Zane’s marriage threefold. Good luck!

Ty: Everything having to do with marriage and weddings is considered unlucky. You literally can’t do anything without hitting some sort of tradition or something that’s supposed to be bad luck.

Zane: That’s kind of true.

Nick: Something borrowed, something blue. Sign a prenup or you’re screwed.

Kelly: God, you’re romantic. 

Digger: Something wrong with you, man. Both of you. All of you.


Anonymous asked: Liam, can you tell us what the Sidewinder kid is doing now?

Liam: Oh, the Sidewinder kid. You know, it was fun making Tyler and Nicholas wonder if they had a kid running around out there. But after I met O’Flaherty’s father … that game doesn’t amuse me any longer.

Nick: Told you he was lying.

Liam: I was lying. It wasn’t O’Flaherty. And it wasn’t Tyler …

Kelly: But … what about the rest of us?

Liam: What about you? You like kids, right?

Digger: Just when I start to think you’re almost a decent brother, you do something and I remember you’re actually a giant bag of dicks.


irishfem73 asked: Hello Zane & Ty. I live in Beaumont TX, so I was wondering did you enjoy your time in Beaumont ?

Zane: I always enjoy my time in Beaumont.

Ty: You realize we never actually went to the town of Beaumont, right?

Owen: Are you two talking about sex?




Anonymous asked: Kelly, Hmm seems nick is hiding a lot of things from you

Kelly: You think so? I don’t get the feeling he’s hiding anything that’s my business.

Zane: What do you mean your business? You’re a couple, isn’t everything your business now?

Kelly: Whatever he has going on with Ty? Whatever he’s trying to work through there, that’s not my business until he talks to me about it.

Ty: Going on with me?

Kelly: Ty. Whatever it is, Nick’s heartbroken. And from the way Zane talks, so are you.

Ty: I’m not …

Zane: Yes. Yeah, he is.

Owen: I don’t understand.

Digger: This is like being discharged all over again.


Anonymous asked: Zane would you purposely flirt with Ryan while at dinner with Ty just to have hot sex afterwards

Zane: No. Ryan’s a man, a good man, not a fucking toy we can use to advance our sex life. I don’t have to do anything special to have hot sex with Ty, I just have to fuck him.

Ty: Good God you’re hot when you go all righteous.

Digger: Ugh, gag a maggot with this sweet shit.

Owen: Wuv … twu wuv


Anonymous asked: Sidewinder, what happened with Kelly in 2004?

Owen: Dude, that was a long time ago.

Digger: There was that thing.

Owen: With the other thing.

Nick: Oh yeah! The thing with the thing. And then the stuff, right?

Owen: Right, the stuff happened.

Digger: So much stuff.

Kelly: Idiots.