Anonymous asked: Miss Riley, how open are you to answering embarrassing sex questions about Owen?

Riley: I don’t know about embarrassing, but I’ve always been pretty open about things.

Owen: No.

Riley: Come on, sugar, you should be proud of yourself! They love you!

Owen: Absolutely not, this is not happening.


Anonymous asked: I'm sure that all of you have received lap dances before, but have any of you ever given one?

Nick: Eli gave me one as a joke for my birthday one time. It was horrifying. Did it on the ship in front of everyone.

Owen: That was gold. I videotaped it.

Ty: Nightmares.


Anonymous asked: Ty: I found a baby kitty in the street and I took her home. She was really sick and now she's blind from an eye. But she's amazing and crazy and I love her. I'm gonna keep her but she still needs a name. Any ideas??

Ty: I don’t know, man, she should tell you her name soon enough. Most animals have a way of doing that.


andthencamecutandrun asked: Liam, who is the most important person in your life?

Liam: That would be yours truly.


Anonymous asked: Nick and Kelly. Were there any situations before New Orleans where it was close to a "special moment" between you two? (Sorry, don't know how to say it better. Hope you know what I mean...)

Nick: Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, I can think of a couple, yeah.

Kelly: I mean, we were always close and always physical. I can’t even count how many times Nick slung an arm over my shoulders when I sat next to him on a couch or let me cuddle him when we had to share a bed. And we always had an emotional connection that was deep and felt special.

Nick: I don’t know, I think we probably had a handful of near misses where one or both of us turned away before it could hit that mark or got scared and didn’t know why and put some distance there.

Kelly: I can think of one time specifically. We were both very drunk and I picked up a girl in a bar who was … frankly, she had a military kink, I think. She asked me to bring a friend, and Nick came with us. We were all in bed, and I remember grabbing Nick’s shoulder and just not wanting to let go of him because I could feel the muscles under the skin and it gave me a feeling I couldn’t identify. I felt like if I could just hold to him for longer I would be able to figure it out.

Nick: I remember that girl. She bailed on us in the middle of the night, we wound up in this hotel bed together, alone. It was seriously awkward for a week after. Kelly wouldn’t even make eye contact with me.


Anonymous asked: Preston will we ever see you again??



Anonymous asked: Nick, I'm a fan of the red sox but my dad is a fan of the yankees and we live in Boston. How am I supposed to deal with this?

Nick: Murder.

Ty: No.

Nick: Patricide.

Kelly: Nick, no.

Nick: It’s the only way.

Zane: Just make sure you can get away with it.

Nick: I will help.


nickyoflaherty asked: Riley: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Riley: I like being outside. Hiking, camping, road trips. I like photography, and one day I’d really love to make a living with that. Traveling and taking photographs and just living an adventure.

Owen: She takes amazing pictures. And she’s fearless when she sees something she wants to photograph, we’ve climbed things that were never meant to be climbed and I’ve hung her over things that gravity didn’t approve of.

Riley: You love it.

Owen: I do.


Anonymous asked: Kelly, since you started dating nick have you been attracted to other guys?

Kelly: I don’t know, not really. I mean, I always recognized when a person was attractive, no matter their gender. Not so much with the wanting to sex them, though, and that hasn’t changed much. I am noticing that I am appreciating certain parts of guys now. Does that count? Like hands and shoulders. I’ve caught myself staring at men in stores and places and thinking damn, son. But mostly because they remind me of Nick.


Anonymous asked: Is there any chance of a baby made with Annie's egg and Ty's sperm?

Ty: Dude. What part of can’t reproduce don’t people understand?

Zane: Shots not being fired.

Ty: Serving the eggs scrambled not fertilized.