1budwiser asked: Zane, isn't it a little hypocritical to get after Nick and Kelly about sex in a club after what you and Ty did in the storeroom of the bar in Texas? At least their sister probably didn't catch them walking out.

Nick: Wait wait, in a storeroom?! 

Digger: You dirty.

Kelly: And Zane can’t even say he was drunk.

Zane: Go ahead, I am not ashamed to be caught fucking my incredibly hot boyfriend against a storeroom door.

Kelly: At least Nick and I were sloshed when we went at it, though! And sweaty and all … hard muscles in damp shirts and smelling good … gah!

Ty: I’m so disturbed.



engese31 asked: Julian you can join Nick & Kels in their new life as treasure hunters!

Julian: Why in God’s name would I want to do such a thing?

Nick: You’re not invited.

Julian: What? Why not?

Kelly: Because you tend to shoot things and steal things and then disappear.


Anonymous asked: Zane can you tell us about your first time you bottomed with a man? Was it a drunken not thought out decision or had you thought about it before going for it?

Zane: It just sort of happened, I guess. I don’t really remember a lot of details from those days, I’m ashamed to say.


Anonymous asked: Nick, you do want to marry Kelly eventually right?

Kelly: Should I leave the room for this answer? I’ll leave the room.

Nick: There isn’t anything I can think of that I want more than to spend the rest of my life with him. However long that ends up being.


Anonymous asked: Zane: You have to tell us now. What /exactly/ was going down in that alley on your 40th

Zane: I don’t remember his name …

Kelly: Zing!


Anonymous asked: Whose ass do I need to kiss to get the details of the Fenway sex? 'Cause that sounds hella hot.

Kelly: Mine! Well … that’s what happened at Fenway, anyway.

Nick: It is not.

Kelly: That was a quick and dirty get in, get off, get out kind of thing. Had to fit it in between innings. Good, God.


Anonymous asked: Wait, so Nick kissed Zane ? Oh we need to know more about this.

Ty: He what?

Nick: I what?!

Zane: No.

Owen: You whore!

Kelly: Stay in school, kids.


fms-checks asked: Hey guys ! First let me just say I've had a completely shitty day and you guys are tots making it better so thanks ! :D Zane does Ty still have the Stetson hat you gave him ? And does wear it for a ride often ? ;)

Zane: Of course he still has it. He hangs it on a hook in the closet. He doesn’t use it to ride, though. Usually it’s, um … too far away by the time he decides he might need it.

Digger: Hi ho, Silver.


Anonymous asked: Owen & Digger, does it creep you out that I use photos of the two of you together as wallpaper on my phone and computer?



Anonymous asked: Liam, if you would have a chance who would you fuck? Zane or Kelly?

Liam: I would have to go with Garrett based on my knowledge of our preferences. Doc and I apparently aren’t compatible.