Every Sidewinder question ever.

The characters, after last night’s Q&A session.

To those who are way too high, we salute you.

Bed time.


Anonymous asked: nick? i don't think that's the right time to bring it up, but since i probably won't get another chance so soon... i just want to thank you for existing, really. see, let's say i have a lot of struggles with my family, they're harassing me, saing things i don't want to repeat. i used to take it, but since i know about your story.. i don't know i feel a bit better.. stronger. it maybe sounds stupid, but i just want to thank you for that.

Nick: You fight for yourself. Fight for yourself because you matter. When you think you’re alone in the world, when you think there’s no reason to hold your head up high, you remember that. You matter to me. You’re important to me. And you go fight for yourself.


Anonymous asked: Okay let's try this again. Ty, what would you do if someone tried to steal your Zane from you?

Ty: Same answer. With more guns.

Zane: We’re going to bed now so I can take advantage of his current state.


Anonymous asked: does the team have any advice for a college student who's about ready to walk into an empty elevator shaft rather than sit anymore exams?

Nick: Wait for the elevator to get there.

Kelly: He may be high, but that’s still solid advice.


Anonymous asked: Nick! I also believe people are colors! And I'm not even high! (Okay, it is 4 am where I am and I should be sleeping, but *meh*). What color is Zane? And you?

Nick: Zane changed on me. He went from being sort of a murky green to a brighter one. I’ve never known someone to change colors on me. I don’t know what color I am.

Ty: He’s serious, you know. He can do that, he can see people in colors. He’s always been able to.

Zane: You two are so high right now, we need to end this soon.

Ty: No, it’s true, Zane. They’re called auras. Nick can see them.

Nick: I can’t see them. I feel them. People feel like colors.

Zane: Right. Yeah, you’re both totally fine.


Anonymous asked: So... Ty and Nick... Anything interesting you can tell us about last time you were in Spain?

Nick: Nope.

Ty: Nada.

Nick: Look at you, going all bilingual.

Ty: Like we’re in Spain.

Nick: Ha!

Ty: Haha!



happyminion68 asked: Nick you said it takes a certain level of trust with the person you're with to be able to bottom for them. You love Kelly very much and trust him with your life. Have you or would you bottom for him?

Nick: I would if he asked. All he has to do is ask.

Kelly: I know, babe.


Anonymous asked: Nick, why are you still drinking the gatorade???

Nick: I don’t know. It’s here.

Digger: I’ve wrestled gators that were easier to take down than it was trying to get that bottle of Gatorade away from Irish.

Nick: Kelly put some water in it.

Kelly: I’ve added water to it like five times now.