Anonymous asked: Nick what happened on the fourth of July, 1999? What would you do to Zane?

Nick: I will categorically deny any stories put forth involving that night.

Kelly: Goddamn, now I want to know what happened.

Ty: That secret stays between me, Nick, and the … five to seven other people who were involved that night.

Nick: I swear to God, Ty.


Anonymous asked: 4th of July? What happened on the 4th of July Nick?

The colonies declared their independence. Or so I’m told, I wasn’t there.


Anonymous asked: Zane aside for the moment, what happened July 4th 1999? You can't just leave us hanging like that!

Nick: Nothing, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Ty: There were fireworks.

Nick: Oh yeah, those were nice.


Anonymous asked: TS, you guys really think Nick can straighten up his act for Kelly? 'Cause I really worry about Kelly and I'm afraid he will just accept whatever Nick's willing to give -- with sleeping around, generally not caring about Kelly's heart and all -- even if it makes him miserable. Idon't think Kelly is built for the whole casual/open relationship thing.

Ty: Sleeping around? Not caring about his heart?

Owen: Have you met Nick?

Digger: Nick couldn’t even use someone else’s gun ‘cause he felt like he was being unfaithful to his.


Anonymous asked: Why do you think Kelly's won't be the heart breaking in this relationship, Digger?

Cause I know Doc and I know Nick.


Anonymous asked: What is your boyfriend's most irritating habit?

Kelly: Nick flirts. With everyone. It’s both charming and annoying as hell.

Zane: Oh, where do I start …

Ty: Zane sulks.

Nick: Kelly answers questions. So many fucking questions.


Anonymous asked: What is your best seduction line?

Owen: It depends on the situation.

Zane: I think we’ve already established I’m not good at these.

Ty: I learned my best line from Nick.

Kelly: What’s Nick’s best line?

Nick: I’m not answering.

Digger: Why not? We’ve all seen you do it.

Zane: Come on, what’s the line?

Nick: “Let’s get out of here.”

Ty: Worked every single time.


Anonymous asked: Nick, how old were you when you bottomed that one time?

I really don’t fucking want to talk about it.


Anonymous asked: Anyone here ever tried an anger management class? Just sayin'...