Anonymous asked: hey nick, go yankees.

Nick: Hey anon, go fu -

Kelly: AND! I think we’ve reached the end.

Zane: Time to go back to work.

Ty: This was fun. Wait, I lied.


happyminion68 asked: Ty & Zane- Have you or would you two ever make your own sex tape?

Zane: Yeah!

Ty: What?

Zane: Look it … 



Anonymous asked: Nick, does it make you nervous that Kelly said he's been in love dozens of times?

Nick: No, because I actually heard the rest of what was said before that too.


Anonymous asked: Ty: well yeah, I'd watch the sex tape but I haven't been clutching my pearls and howling as if scandalised over the entire notion to this point.



Anonymous asked: Ty honey, pre-wedding jitters are perfectly normal. Don't worry. Just go kiss Zane and think about having Barnum at the reception and you'll be fine. *hugs you*

Ty: Barnum at the reception … oh my God, CAN HE BE THE RINGBEARER?!

Zane: Ty, no.


Zane: I refuse to have this conversation. Again.


Anonymous asked: Nick, have you fully recovered from your surgery? How's your alcohol/drug tolerance now since the whole surprising Gatorade incident?

Nick: My alcohol/drug tolerance are kind of shitty right now. I’m trying to stay away from all of the above since I’m not all there right now.

Kelly: He also won’t drink Gatorade anymore …


Anonymous asked: Nick, how in the hell can you claim you're not romantic after some of the things you've said about being with Kelly and to Kelly (there's no other option for me. it's just you.)? I mean, seriously. You are one amazingly romantic bastard. Back me up here, Kelly.

Kelly: I will gladly back you up.

Nick: I suck at romantic gestures. I never get them right.

Kelly: That’s what makes them perfect.


Anonymous asked: Since my advanced equine breeding class is boring me... Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses.

Liam: Why are we fighting them? Can’t we all just get along?


Anonymous asked: Corbin don't you think you should forgive Del he did technically save your life and he still loves you

Corbin: I don’t take advice from strangers. I love him regardless of what he may have done. It doesn’t mean the betrayal didn’t hurt.


Anonymous asked: Kelly, how would you feel if you and Nick broke up? Would you be able to stay friends?

Kelly: How the fuck do you think I’d feel? I’d be heartbroken. But we’d stay friends, because that’s what we are, and always will be.